Monday , March 18 2019

How To Create A POTENT “Us Vs. Them” Scenario (to polarize customers to YOU)

It’s no secret…

If you want to create loyal, raving, loving customers… Then you’ve got to be “polarizing.”

…And before you take me for one of those purveyors of:

“BE SUPER mean to people who don’t resonate with you so that people who do vibe with you… ‘like’ you more” – that is NOT what this is about.

In fact, that’s a really great way to attract bullies and douchebags into your tribe.

I don’t know about you… But, that’s NOT the type of people I serve or want to attract.

So, here’s the very COOL way to do it, while not making anyone feel like they’re “idiots” or “wussies.” Click Play To Watch On…

You get it? It’s a powerful move that ANYONE can implement into their marketing today. Try it out in your next email… or sales message… and let me know how it goes for you.

And here’s the unspoken “SECRET“… The best thing you can do is “be cool about it.” (which is something I didn’t include in the video)

When I’m talking about my private VIP Weekend and I say,

“This is NOT for you if you haven’t made your first $5k online yet…”

My very next line is…

“…And it’s totally okay if you haven’t, but this just isn’t the right time for the level of marketing we’re working on together. You will get there, and I’m excited to work with you when you do.”

Because the truth is…

Your BEST client might have just started their business yesterday #becooltoeveryoneClick To Tweet

…And if you’re an ass about it now… Ya might lose them. We really can’t judge someone based on where they are right now, or what odds are against them…

Because, sometimes, the best success stories haven’t even happened yet.

The best success stories are those of triumph, despite difficult circumstances.

So, USE THIS “WEAPON” well, my friend, and it will serve you for years and years to come.

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