Monday , March 18 2019

When NOT To Start With A “Tripwire” Offer (doesn’t ALWAYS work)

If you’ve been around the “online marketing” block for any number of weeks, you’ve probably heard the buzz word… “Tripwire.”

A tripwire offer is really what it is.

…And what is this sort of offer?

Well, it’s an offer made on the front-end as soon as someone has given you their information – it can be a “Free + Shipping” deal… it can be a little $7 Webinar replay… or a PDF… or a $10 software…

A tripwire offer is basically a “low-dollar” offer to get a COLD prospect to warm up and become a customer (with a really really low barrier to entry).

It works famously too!

Last I heard, Perry Belcher is the “grand-father” and mastermind behind this tripwire deal – So, we’ll give him credit for coming up with it.

Problem is this…

If you’re NOT a big company, with a nice ascension funnel that has upsells and downsells, and can make more money on the backend, then starting with a tripwire might actually KILL your business.

See, you’re not really supposed to make any money with a tripwire.

In truth, 99% of the time we KNOW we’re gonna lose money on that front-end offer. It’s the backend $300 product… or $10k mastermind that we are looking to make up our front-end loss with.

So, if you’re not ready for the “tripwire” offer yet, here’s what I’d recommend doing…

Ya dig this one? Lemme know in the comments!

Building a successful business isn’t rocket science… but it is WORK.

Do the work. Test. Play. Experiment. And find out for yourself what works best.

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