Monday , March 18 2019

The “No” Game

About a year ago…

I began a rather peculiar practice.

Some folks are raised with this skill, and by the time they hit their twenties… they’re pretty damn good at it.


I wasn’t.

Most aren’t.

Had to work for this one.

It wasn’t easy.

But, it’s those moments of frustration at yourself… When you walk away from a chat and think of “that thing you SHOULD have said” instead of what you did say.

…And those times when you say “YES!”, because you didn’t want to disappoint anyone. (when you really meant “no, I don’t want to” or “no, I can’t do that right now.”)

Then you end up disappointing everyone because you can’t make either of the commitments

It’s these moments that can transform you into a stronger YOU.

[bctt tweet=”Guilt is a brutally honest teacher, but only if you don’t get too hung-up on her.”]

There’s a few ways you can guide your growth in “The No Game.”

It’s the combination of the art of “being firm” (and it is an art), saying “no” (gracefully), and “not giving a f*ck.” (…yeah, just not giving a f*ck)

It’s a healthy cocktail that’ll leave ya with an invigorating productivity buzz, a much greater sense of freedom, and some got-damn self respect.

{hangover NOT included}

It’s this little trifecta of greatness that’s lead to being able to work on projects that are actually fulfilling and energizing…

Rather than boring, lifeless, and stressful.

It’s this trifecta that’ll open up the possibility for much stronger relationships with people you genuinely love and care about…

…While de-weeding the ones that just suck.

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It’s this trifecta that opens up a limitless World of opportunity.

And it can do the same for YOU.

The In-depth “No” Game

It goes deeper though. Watch closely…

#1- Being Firm.

This one begins with a story…

For most of my life, I’d been sort of meek (with a “drizzling” of timidity)

You wouldn’t know it today, but…

[bctt tweet=”No one ever really cares about your awful past… they only see ‘the success’ that you are now.”]

So, as I grew up, moved out on my own, and started my own companies…

Changes began to occur… BIG changes.

I met new and incredibly strong people. (bigger visions, firmer standards… zero budge on what they stood for)

{Entrepreneurs seem to be of a different race of human beings… further genetic studies required}

It was required that one be stronger… firmer in their ideals and standards.

It was hard work…

That was, until I met a gentleman who flipped my perception upside down…

It was his simple remark that changed this whole “being firm” thing for me.

He said,

“Being firm doesn’t mean being an asshole.”

And that was it.

Didn’t take much more.

From then on, being firm… standing up for what was right… not being a complete pushover…

It was easy. (fun even)

Being firm means standing your ground, protecting your space, and commanding respect with your actions.

Not “being an asshole.”

#2- Saying ‘NO’

I say no a lot.

Like… a lot a lot.

…And if you don’t… I’d say that you’d probably gain a lot by taking it up for a week and see how it feels.

“Wanna help my mom move this weekend?” No.

“Wanna come with me to the grocery store?” No.

“Wanna get some lunch?” No.

“Wanna go to movies?” No.

“Wanna go golfing?” Yes.


{thought I was supposed to be saying NO to everything}


Just everything that sucks the life outta you. Golf might not be your thing. You might have said no to golf and yes to the movies.

Point is…

When you say NO, often…

Your YES is so much more valuable and precious. (to YOU and your friends)


#3- Not giving a f*ck

And for this one…

I refer you to this article here: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

I couldn’t put it more eloquently than Mark Manson.

Combine those 3 “elixirs” together and you’ll lead a life of fulfillment, confidence, and believe it or not…

Deeper and more meaningful connections with your work and your loved ones.

[bctt tweet=”Be ruthlessly YOU today.”]

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Nick is an innovative entrepreneur and thought-leader. He's always coming up with new angles and "gamified" elements to engage his audience in a way that's not only educational, but fun & rewarding. And, with 7+ years of meticulous studies of various religions, philosophies, and ways of being, he blends his own unique perspective with these "ideas" to bring you a deep (yet easy to understand & lighthearted) view of the World that'll open your eyes and inspire you to dig deeper into yourself to be the BEST you that you can be. Enjoy!

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