Tuesday , February 19 2019

Step Back To Leap Forward

It’d seem that there’s only ever one direction in our “high octane” society…


Go. Go. Go.

No time to waste.

No time to think.

No time to contemplate.

But, if there’s no time to waste, think, or contemplate… Then there’s no time to make mistakes, enjoy your work, and pursue a mission worthy of your energy and passion.

We’ve got a rule here in the Haubner household…

If you’re pissed off, stuck, or frustrated about a project (or most likely, a piece of a project) then it’s time to STOP… and step back.

Get away from it.

Go do something else.

Sometimes this can go on for days (even weeks).

Getting REALLY away from it.

…And this is done strategically.

Because we know, that by taking a step back, we’re opening up our options, our mental energies, and our ability to solve problems with more creativity and ingenuity.

A problem that’s frustrating you and creating tension headaches can’t be solved by “pushing through it.”

The most effective way to solve these sorts of problems is to “step back” so that you can LEAP forward.

Think about it this way…River Story

You’re trying to cross a river… After a long trek through the woods you find yourself at the bank, tired, hungry, and a little on-edge. What you’re looking for is on the other side of this river…

You can see it. (maybe you can smell it)

But the river is wide and deep in the middle.

Crossing it will take a LOT of effort.

You’ll need to build a canoe… or swim very hard (potential life threatening).

Down at the river bank, this seems like a very frustrating challenge… and only a fool would attempt to do so.

But, IF you’d “step back” (climb up a tree) and check out the surroundings, you might find that up the river, about a mile, is a much narrower, shallower pass, which would get you across the river faster and safer than where you currently are.

Sometimes, you have to “step back to leap forward.”

About Nick Haubner

Nick is an innovative entrepreneur and thought-leader. He's always coming up with new angles and "gamified" elements to engage his audience in a way that's not only educational, but fun & rewarding. And, with 7+ years of meticulous studies of various religions, philosophies, and ways of being, he blends his own unique perspective with these "ideas" to bring you a deep (yet easy to understand & lighthearted) view of the World that'll open your eyes and inspire you to dig deeper into yourself to be the BEST you that you can be. Enjoy!

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