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How To Stay TRUE To Your Goals (3 Simple Self-Accountability Tips You’ll LOVE)

So, you’ve got some goals to accomplish…

…And they’re written down on your handy “Napkin” (with a couple sauce smudges)

How do you ensure they get done?

Well, for starters… Most entrepreneurs are very flaky with their own to-do lists. I’d venture to say that if you were your own employee, you’d probably fire yourself for “under performance.”

Of course, there’s the RARE few who are reading this who have systems in place that create bullet-proof accountability. If that’s you, I think you’ll still dig these 3 simple ideas.

So, let’s start with the first one.

#1 – Using A Solid Task Managing Tool

No… Your handy college-ruled notebook is NOT the best option.

There’s a few tools out there that work amazingly for teams, but I have even found them quite helpful even if it’s just me. (super tip: You can even invite outsourcers and contractors to track their work inside your tools)

Let’s start with the most personal one…

It’s called OmniFocus.

I use this one every single day to manage my tasks and track my progress. It’s a good starter tool if you’re looking for a good digital way to create projects, tasks, and checklists that have set due dates and reminders.

But, that’s just getting you started.

If you really want to “UP” your game, I’d recommend Teamwork. Love it. Can’t say enough good things about it.

This is one of those tools that you can use for yourself right now, and that will scale with you as you continue to grow. (warning: Not a big fan of using Trello for project management. Went down that road… It doesn’t even come close to Teamwork in effectiveness)

Let’s keep this list moving right along…

#2 – Treat The List Like The Holy Grail

Strong self-accountability starts with how you VIEW your tools and tasks. If you’re flaky and don’t mind going late on tasks or perpetually pushing the dates forward…

They’ll NEVER work.

Your lists, goals, and objectives need your full respect.

How do ya do that?

Treat you Project Management Tool like the Holy Grail. (or God if you prefer) You obey it. You respect it. You don’t want to disappoint it.

But, there’s something else to go along with this idea… REWARD. And that’s why I like Teamwork so much…

Because after you’ve accomplished your tasks for the day, you get to check them off and they disappear into the archive (which you can look at later if you need). Point is, there’s a sense of accomplishment in checking off your lists.

Just remember this…

Lists without due dates create snowflakes (i.e. flakiness in getting tasks DONE)Click To Tweet

3. Know What ‘Complete’ Means For You

I learned this word earlier this year…

I forget the exact verbiage, but the gist is when you’ve got a project or task that seems to NEVER get finished because you keep adding new tasks and micro-tasks to it.

Nothing’s worse than a perpetual task.

How do you fix this common problem?

By CLEARLY defining what it means to be DONE.

This is what I like Teamwork and Omnifocus for… In each of these programs you can easily create detailed descriptions that specifically tell you what this task means to be done.

Don’t leave any room for new micro-tasks sneak into your tasks. Simply create new ones. This gets things done faster.

…And there ya have it.

3 Tips For Creating More Self-Accountability.

If you liked this one, feel free to drop me a comment below. Always love hearing from you!

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