Tuesday , February 19 2019

How To Get SSL For Your Site (Plus Tips On A Quick, Hassle-Free Setup)

I’ll be the very first to admit…

I procrastinated on getting an SSL certificate for our sites for a while. But, it just seems like the smart thing to do (especially because we host all of our courses on WordPress too).

So, if you’ve been wanting to get the green “Secure” lock to show up in the browsers for your site, here’s some tips I discovered in my 4+ hrs of questing and getting mine setup.

Btw… I invested 4+ hrs, but you won’t have to after you watch the video.

So, here’s a couple resources that will help you get setup quickly and affordably.

First, is the comparison chart I mentioned in the video above. It’s important to note that the cheapest option isn’t always the best. After looking into the $17 RapidSSL option, it might not work for long as it doesn’t encrypt data at the higher standards.

I’d double check on that particular one before jumping in.

The second important tool is the WordPress plugin I used to get my SSL working properly. It’s called “Really Simple SSL”, and here is a doc that you might find valuable too, if you’re using Google Analytics.

…And lastly, I did mention InMotionHosting as my favorite provider (I’ve used Godaddy and Bluehost in the past too) Horrible experience with Bluehost.

But, I found my home at Inmotion. BEST everything. Hosting is incredible. Support is even better. Check ’em out if you’re not happy with your hosting. They’ll even help you move everything over for a small fee.

So, there ya have it.

Hope this helps you get your “Green Seal” of protection.

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