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How To Make Your Blog Images “Facebook-Friendly” (in just 3 simple steps)

Ever share one of your new blog posts on Facebook only to find out that your image isn’t showing up like you thought it would?

Maybe the top and bottom are totally cut off… or you can see half of your Title across the width…

Well, it’s likely that you didn’t size the image specifically for Facebook, and that’s why that’s happening to your blog posts.

In this short post, you’ll discover a very simple 3-step process (that you’ll use EVERY time you publish a new blog post) that’ll make your images show up perfectly.

Let’s get into the video (then meet me down below for a little Recap and some resources)…

So, now you know how to create a Facebook-Friendly image for your blog posts.

Remember, you can always find the dimensions for your social media images in the Yoast SEO plugin if you forget that for Facebook it’s 1200px by 628px for a perfectly-fitted photo.

Hint: It’s the same dimensions as a news feed ad.

Tools We Used In This Video:

To Recap

So, let’s recap and hop out of here… Hopefully to go fix a few blog posts (or write a new one!)

Step #1 – Build a 1200×628 Image Using

canvaCanva is a great free tool, so all you’ve got to do is sign up, login, and start using it.

One of the features that I personally use the most is the ability to upload your own photos. I use to find totally free royalty-free photos to use.

Tip: It’s important to find royalty-free photos lest you get yourself in big trouble using a Google Image that was NOT royalty-free. Some people have been sued for upwards of $8,500 per photo for making this big mistake.

Just use or any other royalty-free photo site, and you’ll never have to worry about that.

Step #2 – Upload Your New Photo To The Yoast SEO Plugin (inside WordPress)

This second step is easy enough, but you might be able to simply upload your new image directly to your “Featured Image” slot if you don’t need a square image for your blog. (see the video on how I do this)

If you use a square image or an image that isn’t 1200×628 for your Feature Image slot…

Just upload your image to the Yoast SEO “Facebook Image” slot and you’ll be ready to go. Hit publish to publish your blog post, then head over to the final step…

Step #3 – Debug Your New Blog Post With Facebook’s Debugger Tool

As you probably remember from the video, you might have to click the “Fetch New Scrape Information” button a few times.

facebook-iconDon’t hit it more than 5 times in a 1-min timeframe though. (from past experience this tends to lock-up the tool as you appear to be a robot of some sort)

Once your image appears in the “og-image” area, you’re ready to test it on Facebook.

Note: It might not show up in the preview, but if it’s in the “og-image” area, it is pulling the image correctly. You’re ready to test!

  1. Head over to your Facebook profile and paste your link in a post box. Wait a few seconds for your image to load and ensure that everything looks right.
  2. Then delete your link, write a quick post, and hit publish (if you’re looking to post your new blog on your personal Facebook profile).

And you’re DONE!

Do this for every blog post and you’ll have gorgeous looking images showing up whenever you or someone else shares your new article or video.

It might seem like a bit of a long process as it’s written out here, but you’ll find that after a couple times, it’ll take you less than 10-minutes to do this for every blog post.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What was your biggest take-away from this post? Was it the free image-building-tool (… or could it have been the tip about using royalty-free images? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, feel free to tap one of those social icons you see below and share this with some of your marketing buddies. They’ll LOVE you for it. Chat soon!

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