Tuesday , February 19 2019

One Incredibly Simple Lead Generation Plan (don’t overcomplicate it)

Over the past several blog posts, I’ve share a few different strategies for creating “list building funnels…”

But, what I’ve noticed (and have been a culprit of myself) is that we tend to WAY overcomplicate these things…

…And unfortunately… NEVER START.

So, I’m gonna share my process of getting started quickly (without overthinking).

And I’ll let you in on a little “secret…”

When you put a plan into action, and actually get something going… even if it doesn’t work. You are way further ahead than the one who only watches videos, listens to podcasts, and reads about other people’s results.

My gurudev used to say, “A ounce of practice is FAR better than a tons of theories.”

It is so true.

Theories are useless unless we can prove their effectiveness. That’s the purpose of this video…

So, if you’re not promoting anything right now… if you’re NOT attracting new leads EVERY SINGLE DAY… it’s a great time to start, isn’t it?

Create something NOW. Do it this week.

…And week after week, you’ll build on that momentum.

Even if it’s just a couple new leads. That’s far more than ZERO.

If you need some help with ads, you can grab our great Facebook Ads course, Ad Warrior.

If you need some help with building a GREAT list building funnel, check out our “Magnetic List Building Blueprint.

Do something awesome this week!

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Nick is an innovative entrepreneur and thought-leader. He's always coming up with new angles and "gamified" elements to engage his audience in a way that's not only educational, but fun & rewarding. And, with 7+ years of meticulous studies of various religions, philosophies, and ways of being, he blends his own unique perspective with these "ideas" to bring you a deep (yet easy to understand & lighthearted) view of the World that'll open your eyes and inspire you to dig deeper into yourself to be the BEST you that you can be. Enjoy!

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