Monday , March 18 2019

The Brutal Art Of Challenging Yourself: Resetting Your Frame Of Reference

There’s been this video circulating Facebook lately: Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski On Responding To Stress – If you haven’t seen it yet, click the link and watch it… 

I promise you, it’s worth a quickie watch. (short vid)

Now, the point Rabbi Br. Twerski makes is a point that works so damn well with “Resetting Our Frame Of Reference” and why it’s so damn important for us to NOT cower away from adversity…

But to actually SEEK it. (in an adventurous and playful way)

Anyways, let’s get straight into the video before I start sounding like a masochist…

The book I showed really quick is called: “Spartan Up” by Joe De Sena (the creator of the Spartan Death Race). Not far into it yet, but wow! Already lovin’ it.

So, the idea here is a simple one…

We live in an environment where we’re coddled and literally sheltered from challenging ourselves and escaping the, often times, suffocating limits of our comfy zone.

We don’t have to fight, hunt, or kill for our food or shelter.

We don’t have to hike 18 miles to go visit a friend in another village.

We don’t even have to cook our own food or clean our own homes these days!

The “warrior” within is SUPPRESSED, to say the least.

And the problem is, that’s where our DEEP, incredible growth lies… In our ability to breakthrough barriers in a very physical way.

Because when you combine the physical “resetting of your frame of reference” with the mental, you not only get a happy dose of endorphins afterwards, you KNOW that if you can do “THAT” you can deal with the minor problems of the 21st century.

…And that’s why exercising (putting your body under stress) actually decreases the heavy mental stress of the day.

So, there ya have it.

Seek challenges. Push past limits that you think you can’t. Reset your “frame of reference!”

…And do it daily!

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Nick is an innovative entrepreneur and thought-leader. He's always coming up with new angles and "gamified" elements to engage his audience in a way that's not only educational, but fun & rewarding. And, with 7+ years of meticulous studies of various religions, philosophies, and ways of being, he blends his own unique perspective with these "ideas" to bring you a deep (yet easy to understand & lighthearted) view of the World that'll open your eyes and inspire you to dig deeper into yourself to be the BEST you that you can be. Enjoy!

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