Tuesday , February 19 2019

“Rego” Affiliates Vs “Super” Affiliates (2 distinctions & how to move to the “Super Side”)

So, you’ve found a product that you’d like to promote as an affiliate?

Well, whether this is your very first rodeo or your thirty-third, I think you’ll find this video to be insightful, fun, and easy-to-implement.

Before we get into it, though, let’s define “Rego” affiliates and “Super” affiliates…

Rego Affiliates are folks who are fairly new to affiliate marketing (or simply haven’t invested a lot of time in becoming a super affiliate yet). This isn’t a bad place to be.

In fact, there’s a few advantages to being new to things (as you’ll see in the video).

Now, Super Affiliates are the folks who are well seasoned, and know how to make dozens (even hundreds) of sales in an affiliate contest – or as an on-going promoter of products and services.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to move yourself from “Rego” status to “Super” status, but it does take a little effort. Here’s how you can start now…

So, as you see there, if you’ve just gotten into the game, it’s NOT too late to start boosting your status, and promoting like a “Super Affiliate.”

My suggestion…

Start by creating a simple “25-min consultation” bonus for the first 5 buyers of any product you’re promoting. Be specific about what you’re delivering on…

If you know a few things about Facebook Ads, maybe do a 25-min strategy session (and critique a few ads). If you’re good at doing Facebook LIVE videos, hop on couple 15-min strategy sessions to show your first 5 buyers how to do theirs.

The possibilities are endless.

All it takes is a little action and some CLEAR promotion that you’re offering a bonus.

Do that, and you’ll have a MUCH better chance at cashing in on some commissions. And if you don’t feel like you’ve got enough skills to do any of that…

Buy a course! Learn it. Then take that knowledge and share it in a consult or strategy session. Perfect example: Grab this $37 course, learn how to create “Viral Facebook Videos”, create a couple, and then share that as your bonus.

Here’s a little taste of what you’re getting:

  • Set Up Your First Facebook Ad in 15-min or less
  • Mark’s Famous “Identifying Your Avatar Training”
  • Master The Art Of Bridge Videos
  • BONUS: 7 Secrets of Video Marketing
  • BONUS: Viral Video EDITING Secrets
  • BONUS: Easy HIGH TICKET Offer Financing
Watch The 64-min Video Here (And Get More Deets On How To Grab This Great Course)

If you’re promoting an affiliate launch, that $37 investment can easily turn into $400… $500 profit.

Now, that’s how you think like a SUPER affiliate.

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