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5 Elements For A Potent Lead-Siphoning Capture Page (a deeper look)

Building your very own capture page is EASY.

So, why do so many wait… put it off… or just not do it?


Because it LOOKS difficult. And if you don’t have a formula for constructing one, well, it kind of is difficult.

The purpose here is to serve as a guide for you. Something you can easily take notes on and refer back to when you build your next capture page.

Speaking of capture pages… If you don’t have one yet, you’re probably not building a huge list. In fact, if you don’t have at least some form of capture page, you likely don’t have a list at all.

It’s one of the most essential pieces to lead generation.

So, here’s how we’re going to build one of these.

We’ll use just 5 simple components. A couple of them are {optional} so if you’re in a hurry to start building your list sooner rather than later, then you can skip #1 and #3.

The other 3 are absolutely crucial for building a successful capture page.

We’ll start with a peppy sub-headline and grow from there. Ready? Let’s get started.

#1 – Crafting A Potent Sub-Headline

Many times you can get away with not having a sub-headline at all. It’s not necessary if you’re working with a small space or your Headline is so punchy that a sub-headline would slow it down.

Here’s the deal with sub-headlines (as it goes for capture pages)…

If you’re going to deploy one of these, you’ll wanna make sure it compliments your Headline. If it doesn’t flow nicely into your Headline, change it or delete it all together.

Here’s a few examples you might find. (you could also use these to start a little personal swipe file of your favorites)




Here’s how this might look on a real capture page:


How A Broke Father Of 3 Went From Personal Foreclosure To Making $9,561,089 In 18 Months


New Ancient Herbal Tea Revealed From The Depths Of The Amazon Jungle Proven To Regenerate Dead Cells & Even Heal “Long Lost” Neurons


Why Your Blog Audience Isn’t Growing As Quickly As It Should & How To Triple Your Visitors In The Next 30 Days

Now, I obviously just pulled these outta my ass, but you can see how the sub-headline adds a little extra spice to the headlines. If ya don’t believe me, show your wife (or husband) the headlines without the sub-headline, then show them the complete view and what their reaction.

9 times outta 10, it’s a definitely change in perspective and desire to learn more about the “fake widget.”

#2 – Writing A Powerful Headline

Now, for the 1st essential element for your capture page: the Headline.

No matter what, you’re going to need one of these, so learn to love ’em… and they’ll work wonders for you.

The first key point to a writing a powerful headline is to get into your prospects mind for a moment and ask… What would make it absolutely irresistible for me to opt in to get this free offer?

Don’t have a free offer of your own yet? You’re gonna need one of those. Discover how to create high-converting lead magnets that build your own personal brand and authority. Inside you’ll also find my exclusive “54 bullet points headlines and calls to action” swipe file. Get All The Details Here.

Since there is no simple way to teach you how to get good at writing headlines, the best “training” is to start building a collection of swipe. Invest 20 minutes into some focused Google Searches and start collecting the headlines of articles and websites that pop out at you the most.

These will make GREAT Headlines.

Personally, I use my favorite copywriting book of all time, Words That Sell.” If you don’t have this book, get it. You’ll quickly fall in love with it.

Using swipe in the beginning is the best way to learn how to write good Headlines.

After a few months of doing this and putting in some extra practice, you’ll find that it becomes more “natural” to crank out a great Headline out of thin air.

Let’s keep moving…

#3 – Record Your Snappy Video

After a few years of experimentation I’ve devised a simple 4-step formula for capture page videos.

I use this for my Facebook video ads as well, and typically yield a higher conversion rate. I’ll admit, it’s a bit uncharacteristic of most videos and feels a little weird at first, but once you grasp it, it’s kind of fun.

Here’s how it goes…

Step #1 – The first 5 second are precious ones. That’s why we’re going to hit our prospect with a call to action right off the bat. This looks a little like this:

“Hey, to get your hands on my 9-point fan page checklist, click the button on this page, enter your info, and I’ll send it to your inbox immediately…”

Feels a little strange to do this, because we’re so used to introducing ourselves. Hi, my name’s Nick Haubner. I like gelato, jets pizza, and long walks on the beach… blah blah blah.

Remember, this is an ADVERTISEMENT.

It’s totally cool; it’s totally okay to hit your prospect with a call to action immediately.

Step #2 – Now, the next 30-40 seconds is all about the content. What are you giving away? What are the 2-3 BIG benefits to your prospect when they consume your content? Hit them with this and move on quickly.

Simple, and straight-forward.

RESIST the temptation to ramble on-and-on.

Whenever I ramble, my conversions drop. We’re all in a hurry. The only people we slow down for (and take the time to listen to) are those who are trust and love. Remember, most of your prospects don’t know you yet.

Step #3 – Hit ’em with some proof. At this point, you’ve told them what to do (opt in now), you’ve shared with them what you’re going to give them, but I don’t trust you yet! ;)

Why should I listen to you?

Well, in step #3, you’re about to tell me exactly why I should listen to you.

Share a screenshot, share some results you’ve achieved, share some awards you’ve received, share a comment you earned from someone notable. Anything! Prove yourself.

Personally, I’ve found it uncomfortable to talk about my own achievements. I’m still working on getting over this myself. So, if you’re like me, and feel a little weird about talking about how awesome you are, ask a close friend to point out some “proof elements.”

Good friends are always a little bragadocious about you.

Step #4 – And now for the final Call To Action. End your video with a strong call to action to opt-in and get your free lead magnet. IF you can built scarcity into this, you’ve got a #winning capture page video.

And there you have it.

If you follow this formula for your next capture page video, you’ll be cruisin’ down the road to success.

#4 – Popin’ The Question… Your Call To Action

This one’s pretty simple.

I’ve got a bunch of swipe templates inside the “54 Headlines, Bullet Points, And Calls To Action” Swipe File inside Lead Apprentice. Grab your copy right now.

Most of the time you can get away with a simple, “Enter Your Information In The Form Below To Get Me {name of your lead magnet}. Easy-peezy.

#5 – Ask For Their Info In Your Opt-in Form

Here’s where things get “interesting.”

There’s a plethora of different ideas out there about what you should have on your opt-in form. Just the email… First name and email… Full name, email, address, social security number…?

Well, here’s the deal:

It all depends on (a) the quality of leads that you’re looking to attract and (b) what sort of follow up process you have in place.

For example, if you’re sending out free samples of your product, you’ll definitely want to collect your prospects name & home address.

If you’re delivering a digital lead magnet, you technically only need their email address, however! the quality of lead will typically be lower than that of someone who gives you their first name and email.

You’ll probably get less “leads” but you’ll certainly get higher quality leads.

What would you rather have? A fake email address? Or a real human being who pays attention to your emails when you send them? See what I mean…?

Wrap Up

So, ya see… When you’ve got a simple & easy formula, building your own personally branded capture pages becomes a “breeze.” (can even be fun)

If you haven’t built your first capture page yet, my hope is that this will not only empower you, but also, now, enable you to do just that. It’s a powerful thing to be able to capture your own leads who KNOW you from the start.

Harness this power, and you’ll find making sales, scoring more commissions, and building a brand becomes much easier. (hint: this is how ALL of the top earners do it)

Also, remember to check out my new course, Lead Apprentice, and unlock a very simple step-by-step process for crafting your own lead magnets, building your own capture pages using my “done-for-you” swipe files, and deploying your first advertising campaigns. It’s an “all-in-one” package for getting your own personally branded leads. Check It Out Right Here.

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