Monday , March 18 2019

How To Post On FOUR Social Media Sites (without doing any additional work)

This past year I’ve learned ONE major strategy that has changed my life, my business, and my client’s businesses FOREVER…

But, I must admit…

This lesson was hard learned.

See, like most, I’ve been under the delusion that EVERY piece of content that gets posted on EVERY individual platform “must be unique and different from the others.”


What a whole lot of work, right? And needless work no doubt.

Because what can be shared on a blog, can be shared on Facebook, Youtube, Medium (that still around?), and a whole bunch of other great social sites.

Sure, you can alter it a little to fit the audience, but it DOES NOT need to be new or unique from what you posted somewhere else.

Take your Facebook fan page and Instagram for example.

If you’re going to post a photo on your fan page, why not also post it on Instagram… or, as you’re about to see in a moment, why not post it on both of them at the same time without having to recopy work that you can do all at ONCE.

…And while we’re at it, let’s through 2 more social media sites in there for giggles.

Watch as I dive into my snazzy new iPhone 7 Plus and show you how… (I just got it like 2 days ago, so I’m still “juiced” about it)

Did ya like that? If you “for real” did, then tap a button and share it with your friends. They’ll thank you for it!

…And I was asked this question on Facebook earlier… “How’d you record your iPhone screen like that??”

Tip: I use a screen recording software for Mac Only (RIP P.C. lovers) called Screenflow 6 that allows you to record your iPhone screen, your computer screen, and your PERTY face!

Now, speaking of dominating social media, my buddies here have put together a very cool course on how to create Viral Facebook Videos for your business. I think you’re gonna dig this.

They’re the only dudes that I trust with this sort of topic (at the moment). They ONLY produce World-Class training, but, you don’t have to take my word for it… They recorded a 64-min Free training you can watch right now.

Dig into the first 10-minutes. I guarantee you’ll love it. (you can skip the 2-min of intro at the beginning if ya want)

Here’s a little taste of what you’re getting:

  • Set Up Your First Facebook Ad in 15-min or less
  • Mark’s Famous “Identifying Your Avatar Training”
  • Master The Art Of Bridge Videos
  • BONUS: 7 Secrets of Video Marketing
  • BONUS: Viral Video EDITING Secrets
  • BONUS: Easy HIGH TICKET Offer Financing
Watch The 64-min Video Here (And Get More Deets On How To Grab This Great Course)

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