Monday , March 18 2019

The “Perfect Sales Scripts” Demystified (3 part series)

Ever want a PERFECT script that you could follow, knowing for certain that it was already tested and proven to convert?

Who doesn’t?!

Well, over the years, I’ve come across dozens, but only 2 remain at the front of my mind when I’m writing a sales letter, a sales video presentation, or a selling webinar script.

The first one, I already dissected in this blog post: The Definitive Guide To The 12-Point Video Sales Letter Script (narrated)

The second one, we’re about to “demystify” in this in-depth 3-part video series.

Let’s begin with Part 1…

1. Setting the Stage with a Great Intro (and establishing your “One Thing”)

perfect-webinar-scriptAnd if you’re into making more sales leveraging PROVEN formulas, then you’ll LOVE this one too. It’s called the “Perfect Webinar Script.” And it is exactly that.

In fact, I’ve actually used this very script to write over $1,000,000 in revenue-generating sales presentations. I think you’ll dig it as much as I do! Check it out right here.

2. Stacking The Value (and starting the “closes”)

In this second part, we’re going to get into “The Stack.”

This is where we transition from providing value to now sharing our BIG solution, which is our product, service, or course. We’re going to STACK the value and share, in more detail, what our future customers are getting.

Let’s dive in…

2. The 16 Closes (and how to use them)

In this final (third) video, we’re going to wrap this whole formula together with the 16 different closes, how to use them, and which ones work before for sales videos and webinars.

Let’s get into it…

Let Me Know How We’re Doing In The Comments Below! Did Ya Like This One? Got Questions?

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