Monday , March 18 2019

Why Are They Becoming So Obsessed with ONE Focus?

If you’ve been looking very closely, you might have noticed something happening in several different industries…

Great leaders are CHANGING their methods.

They’re showing signs of burn out… and quite frankly, so are their customers.

And I must say, it’s about dang time!

For years we have had great books like Essentialism, “The ONE Thing,” and many others. These books clearly detail stories of success that focused around ONE specific project or activity.

It’s even a core point of importance in the Scriptures – one pointed focus.

Well, there is something quite special taking place, and YOU can be at the center of this realization (and reap the rewards) as well. Here’s how…

It’s so simple… almost too obvious.

But, the results speak for themselves. Story after story, I hear from friends in the industry that “business is BETTER than ever.” Sales are at an all-time high. Stress & fear is diminishing.

What do they all share in common? They are all focusing on ONE specific project or task at hand. It’s smarter… Easier… and a lot more fun.

It’s time for us all to go for depth rather than width.

Why skim the surface when the wealth is below the soil? ;)

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