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Breakthroughs & Insights from the “Maui Mastermind” (pics inside)

Last week, Thursday, I embarked on my first (but, certainly not last) adventure to Maui, HI.

We stayed at a beautiful resort in Kanaapali with a 180° view from the islands protruding out of the Pacific to the giant mountain on Maui.

It was truly magnificent.

My reason for going wasn’t just to visit Hawaii though… In fact, the decision was made only 1 week before departing.

Flashback to 1 week before: My buddy, Mark Hoverson, has just sent an email out sharing the details about a little Maui Mastermind he was putting together.

The fee was a nominal $5k to come hangout and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

After about 9 hours of deliberation and chats with Kayla, I said “yes!”, paid, and booked my flight. (insider secret: Kayla actually pushed me the hardest to go)

Now, back the the fun…

After arriving in Maui, I met up Matt Shetler (super cool dude), and headed for lunch with the Hoversons. We both arrived a day early to have some private hangout time with them.

As the days rolled on, and the other 6 masterminders arrived, we all experienced some big breakthroughs and even a couple profound insights.

Something about that being on a gorgeous, ancient, tropical island creates the perfect environment for those sorts of things.

I’ll share a few with you in a moment.

Because in between all the great conversations on the volcanic, sandy beaches and balcony talks with Mark, we also had some adventures plotted out.

The first one was an epic, adrenaline-heavy ATV tour.

Now, I’m gonna share some pics with you, but these don’t show much of the actual truth. These were taken during the 2 or 3 minor pauses on the trail.

The reality was more like this…

We started up the steep mountain on a rocky, unforgiving dirt road… that probably isn’t upkept at all. Most of the twists and turns were abrupt and created a perfect scenario for flipping the vehicle.

Visibility was reduced to ZERO at times; and if it wasn’t, it was about 10%.

You could barely see the 2 tiny, red tail lights on the back of the ATV in front of you – which also meant that you were so close to them that if they went off the trail… you did too.

For some reason, no one seemed to be cautious or conservative about their driving either – maybe because we didn’t want to get lost.

So, while we’re driving up this winding mountain, with very little visibility, we were also driving like maniacs.

It was so intense that we all agreed to describe it like this…

There was no driver. There was no driven. There was just driving. That was all. #mauiatvClick To Tweet

You didn’t have even a split second to look around and absorb the scenery. That’s why we rotated drivers.

Your focus was intensely on the road ahead.

So, needless to say… It was one hell of a ride!

We all had a blast and got covered in a thick layer of “spa-grade” Hawaiian red clay. (slightly embellished description)

But, the masterminding and the adventures didn’t stop there… Except for me.

See, over the weekend, I sort of took on another dimension of hanging out with Mark and Shanny. It became a very spiritual experience.

I actually spent almost all day with them, as we chatted about Sanskrit mantras, Yogic insights & systems of development, and various healing practices.

Here’s a little pic of us 3 headed to a special healing center in Maui, riding in our souped up Jeep Rubicon.

It was a beautiful time hanging with them.

Two days in a row, we stopped by this great roadside fruit market that had the biggest, most delicious mangos…

Guava and Passion Fruit so tart that your tastebuds got a little buzz… and freshly picked (and chilled) coconuts that were sliced open with a machete for us to sip on.

In between all of these wonderful stories and experience, there were many great conversations shared and savored by all of us masterminding.

But, again, before I share a few of those…

This Maui trip was wrapped up in quite the historic way.

I didn’t know this until I arrived at my terminal gate, and saw all the leis, cake, and Hawaiian band. The jet even had a lei on it…

I just so happened, that I was flying out on the LAST 747 to ever service Hawaii. Also, just so happens, that I had never flown on one before.

So, they wrapped a lei around my neck, gave us a cool sticker, and some crapped headphones… and we skirted off to L.A.

Of course, I was greeted in Orlando with the news that a giant hurricane is headed our way now…


So, we’re headed up to a sweet cabin in the mountains of NC.

But, I digress… Because I promised you some breakthroughs.

Here we go…

#1 – You’ll have a hard time selling something you won’t (yourself) buy. I invested about $6k total in this quick 5-day adventure to Maui.

I did it knowing that after handing over the $5k for the mastermind, I’d easily be able to host my own and deliver a mind-blowing experience.

#2 – Sometimes ALL you need is to hear someone else’s ideas, results, and stories to have a HUGE breakthrough moment for yourself.

The takeaway: Get around people who are actually doing something in their business. It’ll inspired you more than a thousand Jim Rohn audios.

#3 – Nothing is impossible. Anything is possible when you know how to direct your mind. A little grace from God doesn’t hurt either ;)

To expand on that though… The most important lesson is this: If you set it in your heart that anything is possible and achievable, you can’t allow even a tiny inkling of doubt in.

If anything is possible. Anything is possible.

If you say this about the success of your business, but in the very next sentence, talk about how impossible it would be for you to move to Hawaii (for example), you’ve just negated this powerful affirmation.

Trust me on this one: ANYTHING is possible. And many of the possibilities open to you will blow your mind.

#4 – Nothing is more important than human connection, love, and a deep sense of unity. Much of the reasons why this is are experiential and simply can’t be explained in words.

It’s a truth that you don’t have to chase after… you don’t have to seek… and you definitely do not need to develop.

It’s already there… You only need to remove the crap that’s blocking it from blossoming. The petty judgements on other people… The anger… The hatred… The blaming & entitlements… And so on…

If only you would experience this… Your life would be forever changed.

…And with that we’ll conclude.

Much love to you.

May your dreams and goals be achieved swiftly, with ease, speed, and joy.

…And may your heart & mind be clear, focused, and blissful.

I wish you the very best that life has to offer.








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