Tuesday , February 19 2019

The #1 “Secret” To Making More Money (as an affiliate)

Are you doing some affiliate marketing in your business?

If, you are… this post is for YOU.

Now, the “#1 secret” that you’ll soon discover, at first, doesn’t seem special…

In fact, you’ll probably {roll your eyes} and think about pausing the video and leaving… But, if you stick with me for just 15-seconds more…

You’ll see the deeper meaning and reason behind the “answer.”

Most folks will only say, “Hey you! If you would just be more ________ then you’d be able to create a successful, thriving business.”

But, I say, “NOT GOOD ENOUGH.”

You need to know WHY. You need to know the psychology of what you’re doing when you’re deploying this “well-known yet very little-understood” secret. That’s what we’re about to uncover.

In the first 3-minutes, I’m sharing with you what I’d do to escalate my status from a “regular affiliate” to a “super affiliate” very quickly. I think you might find that insightful as well.

But, most importantly, stick with me for the Big Reveal. (it’s worth it)

Curious what “Ice-water” and your digital business have in common? Check out Video #1 of my buddy, Ray Higdon’s, brand new 3-part series. (hint: it has a LOT more to do with your business than you might think)


There ya have it.

The BIG Secret.

Now, to elaborate just a little more… The reason why this works really has nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with folks who will buy from you.

Trust, authority, rapport… All good things.

But, before you get to being a person of status… of deep rapport and trust with your community…

You start where we all started.

You start with FAMILIARITY.

…and there is only ONE way to build familiarity… You must use the “Big Secret.”

Only then will you be able to command the attention of your prospects, and ask them to buy from you (successfully).

Which… Speaking of building familiarity. What better way to do it than to create “Viral Facebook Videos?” And it just so happens that two of my buddies have created a course on how to do it.

Check it out if you’re looking to jumpstart your “Familiarity Points” in the marketplace…

Here’s a little taste of what you’re getting:

  • Set Up Your First Facebook Ad in 15-min or less
  • Mark’s Famous “Identifying Your Avatar Training”
  • Master The Art Of Bridge Videos
  • BONUS: 7 Secrets of Video Marketing
  • BONUS: Viral Video EDITING Secrets
  • BONUS: Easy HIGH TICKET Offer Financing
Watch The 64-min Video Here (And Get More Deets On How To Grab This Great Course)

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