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[Collection] 9 Posts That’ll Inspire You Into Action (with a tad of contemplation)

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve posted, here ‘n there, on my Fan Page.

A different sort of post though…

See, inspiration is a tricky thing.

One might think they’re “inspiring” others into action when they post a quote that goes a little something like, “If you don’t like where you’re at in life, it’s your responsibility to change it. You’ve got that power to do it.”

But, when you read that… Do you feel inspired to go “TAKE CHARGE!?”

Probs not.

It kinda works against you. It hurts. It stings.

…And not in the “wake up call” kinda way, but more along the lines of “If your life sucks, you suck” kinda way. So, there are TWO take aways from this post, that I intend on imbuing upon you…

  1. There are 9 allegories or “parables” here. Their service is to inspire you. To enlighten you. And to enliven you. (there are a couple “stingers” in there, but unlike the anti-contextual “quote post”, there is substance here which adds to the value of the experience. That’s the “trick…” (which takes us to the second take-away)
  2. The second piece here is to learn from the writing-style, the contextual additions, the story-telling, the details, the poetry. When you learn to use your words in a heart-centered, meaningful way, they become magic. Words are magic. They can do great deeds or evil deeds, depending on the utterer. Inspire others and they will love you for it.

So, let’s move along. We’ve got some experiences here (rather than some simple arbitrarily made statements).

#1 – In The Morning

The MORNING is the most precious time of day.

It dictates what the rest of the day will be. We are captives to it.

But, if we are to be everlasting captives of the morning, let us be captivated by GOOD MORNINGS, which begin with our thoughts…

…Our thoughts of ourselves.

…Of others.

…Of the breath that fills our lungs & shows us that we are still living.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
– Marcus Aurelius

And in doing so, you will invoke that mysterious power in you that can turn even the “worst” of situations into a positive one.

2. A Morning Story (with a little glory)

Every morning for the past 5 mornings I’ve woken up, pealed myself from the warmth of my covers, zombie-walked my butt downstairs, put ‘on’ a pot of water for my cup of tea, and grabbed a very special book…

{book to be revealed in a moment…}

I do this because, well, for {1}… It was prescribed to do so in like manner. (three times daily in fact)

…and {2}… because it motivates me to continue my work.

But, why is it so “important” to do this at the crack of dawn?

Here’s Why: Everyone has a strange nightmare once in a while… I happen to have strange dreams regularly. You too?

It might not be a “nightmare” per-say, but it’s enough to “zonk” me out first thing in the morning, when I roll outta bed.

Makes ya feel groggy, tired… even a little dazed and confuzzled.

(no… not a “dictionary term” but if you’ve ever experienced this… you know what confuzzled means)

This is NO way to begin the day, is it?

So, it’s become essential to quickly read THE book, and the prescribed scroll contained within.

Moments after shutting the pages closed, this greater sense of vigor and enthusiasm rushes over my entire body. Fills my heart with joy and gratitude. Now it’s time to begin the days work!

So you see… This is the most necessary task one can perform the moment your eyes open and you’re awake, because…

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ◘ Zig Ziglar

…And preferably in the morning.

After all, you don’t wanna be “stinking” of a dirty mood, do ya?


What is the book you ask? The Greatest Salesman In The World.

Sidenote: I asked Kayla the other day…

“I wonder just how many people have actually read all of the scrolls in this prescribed manner and committed 10 months of their life to these (daily) readings…”

I wonder.

3. The Dr. Is Seussing

2 nights ago Kayla and I watched the Lorax…

Which, unsurprisingly, and in Dr. Seuss’ own words, “was meant to be propaganda.”

A propaganda of a different sort I imagine. Certainly it has a bias lean as is contained within it’s definition ::

:: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

BUT, misleading? It is not.

There is a major problem. Countless in fact. We still face them.

Dr. Seuss addressed the one of our killing machines and the beautiful forests through poetry and eloquence.

However, that isn’t the main POINT here, today.

This is…

“Unless someone like you…” who has knowledge of a better way or wisdom to free and liberate those who feel ‘trapped and stuck’ in their ways…

“…Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~Dr. Seuss

4. Encouraging “Insanity” (but not too much)

They may laugh at you.

They may throw “virtual tomatoes” at you when you take the stage and put yourself out there for all to see.

They may tell you that, “You can’t do it, you’re just like us.”

But… “There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.” -Aristotle

And MAD you must be to achieve!

No, not angry. MAD.

Not enraged. MAD.

And not TOO much now… Just enough.

Enough madness to fuel you through a long nights work.

Enough madness to challenge the “way it’s always been done” and do something risky, unique, and special.

Enough madness to KEEP CALM and continue forward, despite the perilous journey ahead.

So, do not fear the {madness} that rises up inside your entrepreneurial heart. It is your genius preparing to make a stand.

5. Greatness Begins With Bold Statements

‘I want to make this {project} work, but someone else has already done it, and it’s better than anything I can do.’

Compar-initis, some call it.

…And it happens to the best of us.

You set out to do something GOOD, only to find that someone else has done it GREAT.

You throw your hands in the air. Utter an excuse like lack of time, energy, or knowledge. And you quit.

Don’t think I’m pointing fingers, though.

No. No. No. I’m not.

I’m just as much of a culprit as any. Possibly the biggest of them all.

See, it’s been 4 years that I’ve been “toying” around in this mysterious, somewhat bamboozling World of entrepreneurism.

I’ve created MANY products. But launched so few.

I’ll admit that to you.

I’ve created many videos (100s… 1000s… who knows!).

Yet, they’ve never made it past more than a few dozen views (but for a few lucky ones).

It had nothing to do with the quality or the knowledge or the presentation shared…

It had everything to do with the COMPAR-INITIS :: The somewhat chronic act of comparing ones present state with someone else’s current achievement.

[But you see, it’s not necessarily the comparison that is at fault.

It’s the lack of determination that causes the halt.]

The shift happens when you look up and see greatness, and immediately proclaim to yourself…

“I can do that too. I can do that even better if I try just a bit harder.”

Persistence and a STRONG commitment to invest as much TIME as is needed to do better is all that is required to achieve the greatness that you crave.

Because… “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” {Albert Einstein}

You do that…

…And you will be the one who is looked up to with starry-eyed awe.

6. BE Your Own Man (or Woman)

Every day someone’s telling you what you should want…

What you should buy…

What you should have MORE of…

…And what you don’t have enough of…

Every day someone else is dreaming up a dream for you.

Telling you that you want the million dollar mansion, and the sea-dwelling yacht, and the private jet (with your name on the tail), and teeth made of gold and diamonds.

It’s not a terrible dream.

All good things to have, indeed.

But, is it YOUR dream?

Are these the “stuffs” that you really want, or is it the mirage of someone else’s dream that’s become your own?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking…” {Steve Jobs}

Perhaps you’d like a quiet farmhouse on a few dozen acres of land, with some animals and a babbling brook trickling through your gardens…

…Or perhaps it’s a 2-story wooden cabin with a grand ‘ol fire place up on a hill overlooking lake Michigan (so you can curl up and read legendary novels amidst the most amazing sunsets in the World)

Or could it be that you do want the mansion…

But not one of those tasteless “modern” hospital-waiting-room looking things… No…

Perhaps you want a beautiful Spanish-style villa with stucco walls, and hand-painted tiles leading up to your ornate iron balcony overlooking an endless valley of vineyards.

“…Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” {Steve Jobs}

What ever your dream-home, or cars, or boats, or planes may be…

What ever your dream LIFE may be…

Do one thing only…

Be sure that they are YOUR dreams & goals.

7. The Studious Student (as opposed to the passive one)

When you pick up a book and read it, how much do you remember?

How much wisdom do you apply to your life in the days that follow?

How much do you integrate into your thoughts, your actions, your character & standards?

Most read to read, with the HOPE that somehow the words on the pages will magically change their life ‘for them.’

That’s not how it works.

That’s not how the universe works.

NOTHING for SOMETHING is not the “way of the World.”

Effort. Diligence. Consciousness.

This IS the way.

Instead of reading… you might now study.

Instead of casual skimming… read a chapter, then contemplate it.

Instead of the “I know this already” mentality… open your mind & heart to receive all that delicious wisdom and knowledge.

Inject your practice of reading with more consciousness. With more attention. With more patience. With more MAGIC.

Because… “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” {Lao Tzu}

NOW Try THIS: The next time you pick up a book… before you open the first page… Set this intention for your mind:

“I will read this book, and through it, I will discover some piece of information that will radically transform my life, my business, and my relationship with wealth & happiness.”

At first it seems like a tiresome habit to begin to form…

“Uh, I have to use more energy to be EVEN more present with this book? I barely have enough as it is…”

This is the common line-of-thought.

But, fascinatingly enough, quite the opposite occurs.

You begin to wake up each morning feeling a little more invigorated. A tad more enthusiastic. A tiny bit more confident.

See, that “consciousness” that you’ve been adding to your reading habit will begin to seep into your other actions and thoughts…

…And as you continue this daily practice of injecting your readings, your conversations, your interactions, your relationships with more and more consciousness…

Higher dimensions of consciousness…

You’ll grow in power (not to dominate and control) but to direct your mind in a positive & meaningful way.

To impact those around you with more love, more understanding, and more awareness.

In doing so, you become the sought after, rather than the chaser.

This is called, by many in the entrepreneurial realm, attraction marketing. Become the “attraction marketer” of your LIFE.

8. A Laborious Day (is inevitable)

In the States, today is Labor Day…

A day where we all get to enjoy a 3rd day of “weekend.” Ironically, not everything is close, and so I suppose not everyone is getting to enjoy it (as they probably should).

But… “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.”
{Theodore Roosevelt}

…And while I won’t be grimly working all day (crafting this post is anything but tedious or grim)… I will be working diligently to move OUR (Kayla and mine) companies forward even just a little bit.

Momentum must continue.

Fun Fact: Though President Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a national holiday in 1894, the occasion was first observed on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City. {Brendan I. Koerner}

9. The REAL “Secret”

Tonight Kayla and I invested a lot of time studying (mostly Solomon CEO – one of our personal FAVs)

But, here’s the little insight that’s been marinating in my mind the last 4 or 5 days…

I TRULY, whole-heartedly, do not think it’s possible to be successful without “the right partner.” (Kayla’s beyond amazing in this respect)


If you’re in a relationship (marriage or otherwise) with someone who isn’t at minimum inspiring you daily, believing in you daily, and fueling you up with love and motivational caresses… DAILY.

You won’t make it far.

Not to say you can’t do it alone. A few have.

But, if you have a partner, and they don’t inspire you. They knock you down. They think you’re foolish for pursuing your Larger-Than-Current-Life-Situation goals…

It will drain you.

So, the key here is this:

If you’re in a relationship (romantic or business) that is not filling you up with passion, enthusiasm, and a pinch of wide-eyed LUST for your entrepreneurial ventures…

You gotta CUT it loose.

It’s a rock. It’s a ball-n-chain. It’s a spoonful of poison.

Get rid of it. Get rid of them.

Harsh. Yes.

But, that’s what it takes to live a life of beauty and fulfillment.

This became clearer to me over the last 4 or 5 days because I DO have the right person on my team.

And it looks a little like this…

Daily, we tell each other how much we love one-another (more than a few times).

We greet each other with smiles, kisses, and cuddles, EVERY morning. Even when Kayla has to work early.

We study and grow together. (just about every night… with the exception of an occasional wine, cigar, and a movie -night)

{and here’s where the magic happens though… because that all sounds sweet, but typical}

We teach each other. We critique each other. We suggest new ideas; different approaches to a conversation or situation.

…And it’s NOT one-sided.

We both do this with the other.

Neither of us are offended by critical thinking.

If we collide in a disagreement, we FINISH it right then.

If it takes hours (and sometimes it has… let’s get real: We do have differing ideas and beliefs sometimes)

But, we talk. We mastermind. We work through it until we’ve come to a place where we are BOTH happy, in complete understanding, and eventually agreement.

Side-story (then I’m outta here): On a recent visit to my Grandpa’s house up in Ocala (north about an hour ‘n a half), while Kayla was pouring another glass of wine for us, my “Pa” pulled me aside and starting chatting up about how beautiful Kayla is and how wonderful of a woman I’ve got…

Then, quite spontaneously, he said, “And if you ever get into an argument, always finish it before you go to bed. NEVER let it go on into the next day. That’s very bad.”

Nothing more.

Just that.

Now, I’ll admit… I’ve known this and it’s been our typical “protocol” for a while (but that’s NOT what I said to him).

I said, “Okay grandpa, I won’t.”

Because… this:

When “common” wisdom materializes from someone you love and respect, it magnifies in value and the memory remains more resilient in those times of turbulence.

Always look out for those moments where you could said, “Oh well, I know that,” but DON’T…

Be cool. Be calm.

Don’t try to prove yourself as the ALL-MIGHTY wise-guy, and beautiful nuggets of wisdom will become stories to tell (like this one) which sound a little bit more romanticized that the typical NON-Fiction parable.

Was a little ALL over the place today, but there ya have it. Some ideas to play with, mold your mind with, and shape your day how ever you please.

Nick Haubner, out!

p.s. If your curiosity is peaked, shoot me over a little comment saying, “I’m curious. What’s the scoop on this Solomon CEO?” It is a little bit of an exclusive tribe, but we got the deets.

And so, there you have it.

9 Inspiring Posts all in one place.

I’d love to hear from you now.

What’s ONE parable, motto, or credo that you live by? Leave it in the comments down below!

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