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The Ultimate Guide To Hosting An Unforgettable Webinar (complete with slide templates & examples)

I still remember my first several webinars, where I was so darn nervous that I almost cancelled the webinar before I even got a chance to host it.

The first one had 3 people on it, and 2 of them were my friends who I think showed up more for moral support than anything.

But, despite how frightening it might seem to host a webinar (if you never have), it’s actually quite okay.

…Especially, if you have a formula for doing so, which I did not in my earlier days.

So, here’s what we’ll cover in this post today:

  • How to PLAN your entire webinar from beginning to end (hint: to do this the right way, you actually begin with the end in mind. You’ll see.)
  • The basic “structure” of a solid webinar (tip: there are as many webinar strategies as there are humans on Earth… This is a simple one, but feel free to alter it and add to it as you grow)
  • How to sell your course, product, or service the RIGHT way, without feeling awkward or spammy (hint: having a formula helps to alleviate the feelings of reluctance towards selling)
  • 3 mistakes to NEVER say on your webinar. Simply AVOID these common phrases, and you’ll be much better off than those who slip up and make the “sales-killing” blunders.
  • When to send your replay… If you should… and the 2 things you MUST do on your replay page that really determine whether you’ll make more sales or waste your precious time promoting it.

Shall we begin, then?

The first phase in creating an outstanding webinar is in your planning. So many times I’ve been on webinars that were simply “thrown together” minutes before it started, or not given even that much care and the host just “wings” it.

I’ve even done this many times.

Sometimes it’s okay.

For example… If you’re doing a PURE content-type hangout where you’re just sharing stories, lessons, and masterminding in an informal way, then it’s okay.

If you’ve PROMISED, in your marketing, that you were gonna bring your best effort to share your topic, then it’s your duty to prepare, and plan for the best webinar you can create.

My best introductions were pre-written and rehearsed. Contrary to the “I don’t even need a script” mentality, perfection lies within rehearsal and practice. That’s how to become GREAT.

So, here’s the plan…

How To Plan A Great Webinar

The first part begins with the last part… “What are you going to sell?”

Unless you’re delivering content for a course that some folks already paid for, I’d rarely recommend hosting a webinar where you don’t at MINIMUM have a soft call-to-action to buy from you somewhere.

In this post, we’ll be going deeper than that. We’re crafting a selling webinar.

So, it all begins with “what you are selling.”

Why? Well, because what you teach much be congruent with what you’re selling.

It doesn’t make sense to teach about blogging and then sell a traffic course – you’ve got to keep it all together to make the transition and simple and no-brainer for your “watchers” to buy from you.

Once you’ve got your Topic (derived from what you’re selling), it’s time to write your content.

Here’s some of my best content slides for you to swipe…

Next Prev
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Want all of these slides in a simple powerpoint presentation? You Can Download The Entire PowerPoint Here.

…And now that you’ve got a few slide templates to work with, it’s just a simple matter of doing a little research (for a good quote), plugging in your content, and adding a few CLEAR screenshots or photos to spice things up a bit.

Now, let’s move forward into what a great webinar structure looks like…

How To Structure Your Selling Webinar Framework

It’s important to note, that you’ll find dozens upon dozens of different theories and methods. The one I’m about to share with you, while very simple and fundamental, has aided in creating 10’s of millions of dollars (perhaps more).

The reality is… It’s not so much about the “tactics” but your audiences desire to know what you’re teaching.

You could have the most ugly, barebones, flat looking presentation in the universe… but if you held the “secret” solution to my problem, I’m GLUED to your every word.

Remember that and you won’t fail.

So, here’s the basic elements to a good webinar:

  • Duration: 60-minutes
  • Intro for 5-minutes (10-minutes MAX if your story fits the content well)
  • Content sharing for ~30-minutes
  • Sell at 35-minute mark
  • Q&A (optional) at the very end for 5-10 minutes

That is the very primitive, basic structure that you can start using right now, but let’s dive deeper into a few of those points…

#1 – The Duration

60-minute webinars are great for selling just about any product or course, but there are a few exceptions to follow. Here they are…

  • Don’t waste your time selling a $7-47 product on a webinar. The lowest I would go would be $97. (of course, if it’s a casual “content webinar” then mentioning a smaller priced product is fine)
  • Never go over 60-minutes without saying something to your audience if you have promised them a 1 hour webinar. This is the ultimate killer of respect.
  • Do NOT wait to sell at the very end because you think “Oh I just want to share a much good content as possible, then they’re buy.” No… No they won’t. A buying decision days time and cultivation.

#2 – The Intro

Sharing a little bit about WHO you are, what you’ve accomplished, and maybe a smidgen about your story of struggle to triumph is good.

But, if you wanna be GREAT, then try this… (it’s rarely done by the way)

Instead of the same story over and over, for each webinar, give each new topic an “intro twist.”

What the heck is that?

Well, it goes like this…

If you’re talking about “How to Grow Your Customer Base Using Mobile Text Message Marketing..”

Instead of your same ‘ol intro, twist it up with a story about how you became so interested in “text message marketing”, maybe your struggle to find a good solution, and DANG… what a great transition it’ll make when you say…

“And after 377 hours of research, testing, and failing over and over… I have finally cracked the code. That’s what I’m going to be sharing with you tonight…”

More powerful right?

#3 – The Content

Well, you’ve got the slide templates from above, and we did touch on this more than anything, but here’s the most important take-away for you…

Free content is great. That’s why everyone showed up to your webinar, right?

But RARELY does free content change someone’s life. Like you, I’ve invested $1,000’s of dollars and even more hours into learning everything I know, and getting the results I get…

So, if ever you get a weird idea that, “I should just share loads of content and NOT sell…”, just remember that you’re actually hurting those TRUE SEEKERS who need you to sell them into a more comprehensive course.

…And on that note, while I haven’t created a more comprehensive course (promise you it’s on it’s way), there is ONE formula that I consistently refer back to time-and-time-again for ideas…

It’s called the “Perfect Webinar Script” and if you don’t have it yet, you NEED this. It’s more than a script… it’s the holy tome of selling on webinars. Grab your copy here.

#4 – Selling

There’s a LOT to be said about the “right way” to sell. Grab that “Perfect Webinar Script” above to help ya out too.

Here’s a few rules to follow when selling on your webinar:

  • Do NOT race through the selling part because you’re nervous about people getting upset that you’re selling something. When you start getting 100’s of people on your webinars, there will ALWAYS be at least 1 person who’s acting all #sadface about you selling – ignore them. They’re a “freebie seeking knucklehead” (as Frank Kern would call ’em)
  • Do NOT spend TOO much time on one video or module or widget (and transition back into delivering content). I used to think this was a good idea, but it’s actually detrimental to sales. If you’re not creating excitement about buying your course, you’re losing their interest…
  • Do NOT focus ONLY on features or ONLY on benefits. Both are equally important. The logical buyer might buy because your course looks very organized, comprehensive, and step-by-step. The emotion buyer might buy because they REALLY was the “ideal result” you promise in module 4…
  • ALWAYS show a complete “stack” of all the modules, videos, or widgets that your customer will get (with values next to each) just because you make the finally price reveal. Yes, this might feel awkward at first, but if you don’t show us how your product is worth MORE than we’re paying, then we won’t automatically think it…
  • ALWAYS show pictures, photos, or representations (like Ecovers) to give your audience a more visual experience of what they’re going to be getting.
  • ALWAYS deliver this part with MORE excitement and energy than any other part of your webinar. If you’re a monotone speaker… It’s time to pull out all stops and start RAISING the vibe when you’re selling. What “feels” over the top actually comes through the webinar line as “normal.”

#5 – The Question & Answer

Oh wow…

I’m about to share the BIGGEST secret in Q&A history… Are you ready for it?

Some folks probably don’t want me to publicly share this, but it’s sooooo good I can’t resist.

This is especially helpful if you’re not getting a whole bunch of people on your webinars YET.

Before your webinar starts, prepare 3-5 questions that you can answer at the very end of the webinar. You can gather these from a Facebook Survey, or a SurveyMonkey that you send to your list beforehand…

…Or if you don’t have a list, a Facebook following, or any way to collect questions… Write a few of your own that you feel would be valuable if answered on your LIVE webinar.

Don’t be weird about it… Don’t say… “Oh and Jamie is asking…”

If no one asked it, just say, “Here’s a good one… _______.” Don’t lie. It doesn’t feel good.

This is… oh man… I can’t believe you’re making me say this… NINJA!

I think you’re ready to start outlining you next webinar now. We spent a LOT of time here because it really is one of the most important parts.

When you have this blueprint to follow, it’s just a matter of plugging in your content and getting to work!

Let’s shift gears, and talk a little about “What NOT to say” and then we’ll wrap it up with “How to deliver your webinar Replay (for maximum results)”…

3 Things You NEVER Say on Your Webinar

There are some things that you should NEVER say on a webinar… here are 3 of them:

#1 – “So, was that helpful?” or “How’d you like all that?”

If you say either of those phrases or anything along those lines, you’re “closing” the loop for your audiences. Now, in their mind, they’ve wrapped up your webinar as a “good” or “bad” training. They’re ready to sign off.

A better phrase would be this: “So, was that helpful so far…?” (this is a little something that I’ve heard my buddy, Ray Higdon, say all the time. The “so far…” means that there is more coming)

#2 – “Hey we’re just getting settled in, we’ll begin shortly”


Yikes! I’ve actually seen this a few times, and before I click the “exit” button, I cringe and say “Oh no. That’s HORRIBLE.”

If you said the webinar will begin at 9:00 PM… then you BEGIN at 9 pm. Several folks show up early and have already been waiting. This is just an awful thing to do. Don’t do it… ever.

(note: it’s okay to do if you started your webinar early like at 8:55 and just start saying “hi” to folks and saying we’ll be starting in 5-minutes, just wanted to hop on early and see what’s going on… that’s cool)

#3 – “You already know how this all works…” or “You don’t need to see this part…”

Wanna KILL your sales?

Do this.

Ah geez. It’s just bad form to assume (1) that your audience knows how a typical “selling process” works on a webinar, and (2) that they don’t want to hear all the details of your offer even if they do.

PROOF that that’s just wrong thinking: Just this week I watched one of Frank Kern’s sales videos 4 times… it was 35 minutes. I loved every second of it.

I know how the “selling game” works. I know how the ‘stack’ works. But, NO… I’m not offended when someone still uses it to show me the value of their product. I WANT to know. So do you.

SELL me. Tell me why your product is so dang valuable that I’m CRAZY to not buy. Because if you don’t… Someone else will.

Reminds me of an old axiom, that I disagree with… “People don’t like to be sold, but they do like to buy.” Nope. Disagree. People LOVE to be sold something they kinda want to buy. It’s affirming. It gives us more confidence in our decision.

In fact, if selling is done RIGHT, the process alone can be incredibly inspiring and uplifting.

I digress.

Let’s wrap this up with “What to do with your replay…”

How to Deliver Your Replay (for maximum results)

There’s a few things to remember when deciding on how to send your replay…

First, should you even send one out?

My personal take on this is… Never promise a replay (always answer that question with a “maybe, maybe not”) but almost always send one out.

Sometimes it will make sense to NOT share a replay, though. Like if you’ve strictly said, “There will be no replay” or if you’re hosting more than one webinar of the same exactly presentation on the same day or week.

Now, here’s some essentials to remember for your replay delivery…

  • ALWAYS have a countdown timer on the page. Share your webinar for 24… 48… or 72 hours. I wouldn’t go any longer than that or your timer is kind of useless.
  • When the countdown ends, ensure that it redirects to a “closed now” or “register for the next one” type of page – don’t let your timer sit at 00:00:00 with a still active page.
  • Keep it simple. Your webinar replay page should ONLY include a headline, the video replay, and simple button (which can be delayed to appear when you mention your product). You don’t need anything else. Keep the focus on the webinar.
  • Send it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after your webinar ends. (the very next morning preferably)
  • BONUS: If you can segment it… Hide the controls for those who never watched it, and reveal the controls for those who did watch at least a little bit of the webinar.

It’s not rocket science.

Replays are simple, but those essential tips will ensure that you’ve got a better chance of making more sales than if you just threw it on a page (with no timer) and said, “What it when you can!”

…And there ya have it.

A VERY comprehensive guide for creating a great webinar.

Remember to bookmark this post so you can come back to it later, whenever you’re about to create a new webinar…

And hit me up in the comments below! Did you love it? Still got questions? Let me know!

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