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[Guide] The Fan Page Hyper-Growth Method

Originally a part of a complete Facebook PPC course… The “Fan Page Hyper-Growth Method” has escaped the bounds and confines of that paid course, and is now yours completely for free.

This is the exact method I used (outlined step-by-step) to grow my fan page from 556 fans to, now, almost 4000 “likes.”

I did this all in just 2 short months, and you can too.

That said, my current take on marketing using Facebook is to SYPHON as many people off of Facebook as you can.

You have NO control over what they will do, who they’ll shut down next, or how much they’ll make you pay to send a post to your audience. Use this strategy with that in mind, and you’ll achieve even greater results than myself.

We’ll begin with the “Complete Strategy” intro. This is the posting sequence that I used to grow a highly responsive audience with nothing more than an organic reach (no paid engagement for these posts).

Now that you’ve got a pretty good grasp on what the Strategy entails… Let’s continue forward with the “Posting Schedule.”

This is crucial to your organic reach.

If you want to reach more of your “fans” you can also opt to boost some of your more popular posts too. (wait a few hours to see if one of them catches on and starts to get some engagement – more than any of the others – then boost it)

That said… REMEMBER that if you’re boosting a post, you must still conform to the 20% rule.

20% Rule: Your image must have less than 20% text on it.

The Fan Page Posting Schedule

In this video you’ll find the exact posting schedule that I used to grow my personal fan page, but keep in mind… You can trim pieces of this strategy and add your own elements in to make it work for you.

Now that you’ve got the posting schedule all figured out, let’s begin with the “6-post method.”

Remember: You can always omit a post from your own personal sequence. (this is especially recommended if you’re starting a new fan page and don’t have more than 10 or 20 ‘likes’)

Focus on growing your audience first and then ramp up the posts per day.

#1 – The Photo Quote Post

Couple great resources for royalty-free photos: Canva.com, Pixabay.com, and Google Images (labelled for reuse).

This is always the easiest post to find since there are thousands upon thousands of photo-quote posts circulating the internet.

You can even make your own using Canva.

#2 – The Text Post

It’s worth noting that in month 2 of implementing this strategy I turned to posting photos with my “text” posts. NOT photo-quotes… just cool looking HD pictures. This boosted engagement a little bit.

Hint: You can usually find cooler HD photos than you can photo-quote posts. Use this to your advantage for this second post.

#3 – Link Post

I’ve, since, stopped using Snip.ly for ethical reasons. (after reading up on it, iFraming other peoples’ content isn’t cool or beneficial to them) Linking to your own content is great!

You’ll likely get the LEAST amount of engagement on these, but they’re necessary if you want to build your list and sell stuff.

#4 – Story Photo Post

Everything you do… all the photos you snap… They’re stories for your fan page.

When you post a “photo-story-post” you’ll want to take some additional time to craft up a good story… Something that your audience can take a minute or two to really get into.

The better the story… the more impact you’ll have on your readers.

#5 – Video Post

These are great posts to promote on Facebook (especially if you’re using the “special” 4-step format that I talk about).

If you’re promoting a Webinar, sales page, blog post, or anything else for that matter, you can use my simple “4-step Fan Page Video Formula.”

Step #1 – Call To Action: NO “Hey what’s up?” NO “My name is…” Just straight into the call-to-action.

Example: “Hey, check out the link above to get my new ‘9 Webinar Secrets ebook’ absolutely for free.”

Step #2 – Intro: Now you can tell you audience WHO you are…

Example: “My name’s Nick Haubner, and over the last 2 weeks I’ve been able to grow my list by 10 new leads per day…”

Step #3 – Feature/Benefit: This is where you talk about what your “link” is going to give them. If it’s a blog post… What is it about and how can it help your viewer? If it’s a free gift… What’s in it for your audience?

Example: “In this new one-of-a-kind pdf, you’ll discover how to create the perfect 20-minute hangout. Hangouts don’t have to be long to deliver your value. You’ll also learn how to ask your audience to buy from you (without resistance).”

Step #4 – Call To Action: Yes, the final call to action.

Example: “So, go ahead. Click on the link on this video, and I’ll see you on the next page.”

With this 4-step formula, you’ll get more conversions and clicks on your links.

The trick is to get that first Call To Action in the first 5 seconds. Most viewers drop off after that. Another great idea is to create a video that can be watched without the sound. (i.e. adding ‘closed captioning’ or bullet-points that pop up while you’re talking)

#6 – Photo Quote Post (again)

This is something I started doing in the second month after having a chat with Kayla one night. She loved my photo quote posts and said, “You should post more of those… I like those the most.”

So, I did. And it worked.

This certainly takes more time… But if your fan page is growing by the dozens (daily) then it can be worth it to engage with your audience that one extra time.

#7 – Recap

Let’s review what we’ve got here, and clarify any “missing gaps.”

…And that just about wraps up the entire strategy.

There’s much more to learn though. I’ve prepared 11 more videos for you which you’ll be seeing shortly.

Everything from how to the fundamentals of setting up your fan page to building a “capture page tab.”

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