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3 “Seasoned” Tips For Finding The PERFECT Outsourcer For The Job

If I showed you some of the possible projects that you can outsource (and, in many cases, that I have actually outsourced)…

You’d be AMAZED!

…And because I do enjoy your amazement, I’ll share one such project at the end. I must warn you though…

SPOILER ALERT: When you see how easy it is to get “one of these” made, it’ll make it far less “magical” and “amazing” when you see others doing it. (it’ll still look cool though)

But, before we get to that, I’ve got 3 “seasoned” tips for finding the best outsourcers for the job – these come from years of experience, so I think you’ll dig ’em (especially if you haven’t found your first outsourcer yet)

Let’s dive right in…

3 Outsourcing Tips for Finding The Perfect Person for the Job!

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Let’s do a little recap, then I’ll share with you the $5 outsourcing tip that’ll make you wonder why you ever thought those “video gurus” were so special.

#1 – Interview your potential outsourcers FACE-TO-FACE (using something like Skype or Zoom)

A lot of folks will ask questions via email… or even go as far as interviewing over a phone call… But, where most miss the whole point of an interview, is when they don’t hop on VIDEO.

It’s surprisingly very important.

It allows you to engage on a more human level, which seems to produce more honesty and integrity from the other side. Remember to be kind and courteous (but also straight-forward and truthful about what you need for the job – don’t dumb it down just because you might like the person)

#2 – ASK the “secret” question: “What About This Project Excites You?”

Here’s the deal…

A LOT of folks who are hiring outsourcers have gigantic egos. I don’t know why… but from my talks with quite a few “hired-guns” that just seems to be the case. My suggestion… DON’T be one of those guys or gals.

That’s the first part.

secret-questionThe second piece is to actually genuinely ask this question, “What excites you about this project?” or “what about working with us fires you up?”

Why do I want to know this?

Because if someone really struggles with answering this question, I know that I won’t have complete “buy in” when we’re working together.

We want someone who not only KNOWS how to do the work, but is also enthusiastic about doing it.

These are the ones who tend to go above-and-beyond, and produce great work.

#3 – Keep your options open. (interview many)

It’s tempting to want to FIRST person to work out.

Surprisingly, it’s not common to find someone who you absolutely don’t want to work with – typically, you’ll find someone who “seems pretty good for the job.”

…And sometimes you’ll even find the PERFECT fit.

Even if you really want to hire the first person you interview, find at least ONE more outsourcer.

It positions you more strongly, and it also opens up your options – which is a good thing. Here’s why…

STORY-TIME: About a month ago I interviewed with a new project manager who would be doing a lot of work for us. Everything seemed pretty legit, and all was set to move forward quickly. So, I scheduled for our previous outsourcer to end her services with us so that the new project manager could take over. (we needed someone a little more advanced)

Well, the 15th rolls around, the day our new project manager is set to start and the other one set to end… And I get this message from the CEO of the outsourcing company…

He says, “We’ve had to let ‘so-n-so’ go, because of a breach in integrity with her work.”

Ouch! So, now we were left without anyone to continue the work which was an ongoing DAILY set of tasks, and to make matters worse, I was in my car on my way to a weekend event – which would consume almost ALL of my time.

Had I known what I just shared above, it would have been a smooth transition over to another prospective outsourcer without waiting for another week to pass for a few more interviews.

Don’t find yourself in my position. Interview MANY!

So there ya have it!

One MORE thing, though…

If you’re wondering where you can find some great outsourcers, I’d recommend starting with Upwork and Fiverr. And if you ever need a full-time virtual assistant, I’ve got a personal recommendation who is great! Been using his company for over 6 months now, and have had great results.

And as promised…

How I Outsource “Video Intros” for Only $5 Bucks

Here’s a little something you can do to spruce up your videos.

I don’t do this with my blog post videos yet… maybe someday – but I do LOVE to do this with course content – always looking to improve the experience.

So, here’s all ya gotta do.

Step #1 – Head over to Fiverr.com and search “video intros”

Finding A Video Intro On Fiverr.com

Step #2 – Browse through a half dozen or so of the intros until you find the one you really like

Selecting A Fiverr Gig (for video intros)

Step #3 – Select the “gig” and send your logo design and any other info your outsourcer needs to complete the job.
Step #4 (optional) – Before you submit the job, check out the $5 additions (I ALWAYS get the FULL HD version if it’s not included in the $5 order.

Selecting The FULL HD Option on Fiverr.com

Step #5 – Wait a few days to receive your order & remember to review it to ensure it’s EXACTLY what you asked for. If it’s not, send them a message and request your changes.

Remember… Fiverr isn’t a back-and-forth type of thing. What you see is what you get, so you’re not going to be able to get something made, decide you don’t like it, and ask for something else completely different.

Be DECISIVE. (or hire someone on Upwork for $50 bucks and ask them for as many changes as you need)

How’d ya like that? Pretty cool right?

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