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Email Marketing Examples – 9 Emails You Can Write To Your List Right Now

Feeling stuck with what to write for your next email?

It happens to the best of us. We grab our coffee mug, flip open our laptop, say a little prayer to the email gods, and then…

blinking cursor




You draw a complete blank and end up staring aimlessly at that blinking cursor. So, if you’re feeling a bit like that right now (or know that it will happen some day and you’ll be happy that you bookmarked this post) then let’s get into these 9 email marketing examples.

The first is one of the simplest, yet most POTENT.

1. The Review – Email Technique

If you’ve got a product of your own, an affiliate product that you promote, or some other such trinket or widget that you make commissions from when you sell it, “the review” is an excellent way to pitch it… without pitching it.

When you review a product or course, you’re coming to your audience from their perspective. It’s indirect. It’s safer. At least from the view-point of your crowd.

Let’s take it a step further than just some “hype-riddled” review of your product though. I talked about this in a recent post on how to countering buyers remorse with ‘honest reviews.’ (you’ll find it toward the end)

This is the gist of the “Honest Review” (plus a little exercise to get the juices flowing)

Instead of listing “13 reasons my super cool product is a great fit for EVERYONE”, try this:

  1. Grab a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle, and label the left side “pros” and the right side “cons”
  2. Set a 5 minute timer. Take a deep breath or two. Focus on extracting everything you know about the course from your mind. Hit “GO”. Then write as many pros and cons as you possibly can in 5 minutes.
  3. Next choose 3-5 from each column and write your email.

Here’s why this is so powerful…

All marketing (especially “modern” marketing) is filled with hype and outrageous promises, which are usually not met. So, instead of looking like “just another marketer”, the Honest Review method positions you as an trustworthy guy or gal to buy from.

And you’ve probably heard it said,

“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.”

– Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of Little Red Book of Selling

Even more importantly, we LOVE to buy from people we like and trust.

2. The Curator – You Write The Email, Someone Else Writes The Content

Now, here’s where things get even simpler… You can LOOK good (i.e. smart, informative, up-to-date on the most current news) without having to produce any content.

This is great when you’re in a rush, know you need to get an email out to your list, but don’t have time to write anything long.

Invest 5-10 minutes and go surfing around FlipBoard or Medium (with search) for some articles that you genuinely want to read, breeze through a couple, and choose one of your favorites.

This is how I use those two apps on my iPhone…

And, there you have it.

A quick email out to your list that looks a little something like this…


On the subway ride home from work I was flipping through a few articles and stumbled upon this “gem” on Forbe’s 21 Entrepreneurial Qualities. Personally, I was really feelin’ #4 and #19.

Check it out here: 21 Qualities Every Successful Entrepreneur Has {link}

Shoot me an email with your favorite ones after you check it out. I’m curious.

Chat in a bit,

Nick Haubner

Simple right?

Keeps your list active with you, provides value, and it only took you… what? Like 15 minutes MAX… (assuming you didn’t get sucked into the “news of the moment.” Beware of that little gopher-hole.)

3. Story Teller – Campfire & Toasty Marshmallows (NOT optional)

EVERYONE has a story to tell.

…And while I will admit… NOT everyone is a good story-teller, anyone can craft an email with a bit of “story” to it.

To do this right, you gotta get a little… weird. A little mystical. Magical. Alluring.

No one likes a dry story-teller.

But, with the right tone. The elaboration on details. The sense experience. You can transform any story into something that grips your viewers by the heart and draws their attention onto you.

So, before you begin, imagine yourself… No, really… Do this…

  • Close your eyes…
  • Imagine yourself sitting around a campfire – it’s dusk. The sun is dipping below the horizon, lighting the sky on fire with a fiery blaze of reds and oranges and yellows. You’re on a sandy beach and the waves of the nearby lake are gently swishing up and down the shore. You can hear the crackling of the fire… The occasional pops.
  • Now we’re getting into the mood.
  • You’ve got a couple buddies around the campfire with you, and you’re about to tell a most interesting, somewhat legendary story…

Kay. Now open your eyes, and write.

Don’t think… just write. You can edit later. Forget about mistakes. Who cares. Edit them later.

Your story could be something close to “legend” or it could be that time when you met one of your favorite marketing teachers at an event.

Whatever story you tell from that MOOD, will captivate your reader. Play with this one.

4. Data-driven – Metrics, Analytics, Charts, Graphs (do some research)

Let’s say you’re stuck with what to say, and you’ve blocked out an hour or two to craft an email to your list.

Instead of staring at the “evil” blinking cursor… Yeah… That one again…evil blinking cursor

Pick a topic: Email marketing, Video editing, SEOing Blog posts, etc.

Choose one, and begin your quest for data. Search for top 10 lists and posts on your topic. When you find a solid, reputable blog post, bookmark it and start building your collection of resources.

After 25 (or so) minutes, review a few of you favorites and start writing.

But, if you’re still feeling stuck (maybe even MORE overwhelmed by all the data you now have) start by copying and pasting some metrics and statistics into your blog post.

You can write around these and elaborate while referencing your sources. For example:

Did you know that “64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices.” According to TopRankBlog (via Looks like it’s time to ensure those emails are readable on your subscribers smartphones.

Here’s 3 tips I found that’ll help you make your emails more mobile-friendly…

And just like that, you’ve got a 100-300 word email to write. (could even transform it into a blog post)

5. Straight Pitch

Obvious one, right?

Now, this doesn’t have to be a “straight pitch” on a product or course that you sell (although that’s a great idea too). Big-time content marketers, like Neil Patel, will often times write very short, simple, to-the-point emails to get their subscribes over to the VASTLY more in-depth blog post.

Here’s an example I just recently received from Neil Patel:

Neil Patel Email Example

Now, if you’re going the “product-pitching” route, then you’ll want to make it compelling enough to read, even though we all know it’s a pitch.

Lists and stories work the best.

You might write a list of 21 reasons every email marketer needs your “Super Awesome Email Spinster Wizard 2000” course. This engages our curiosity and makes us want to know “what’s on the list?”, while simultaneously & blatantly selling your product.

Stories are potent. Stories trigger our primitive learning mechanisms.

So, you might combine the “story teller” email with the “straight pitch” email by telling a story about your struggle before you developed the product or course that you’re selling. (if you’re selling an affiliate product, tell the story of the before and after)

6. Testimonial Driven

There are two ways to gather testimonials:

  1. Reach out and ask happy customers to give them to you.
    • Tip: My buddy, Andrew Draughon, is a PRO at getting testimonials. He uses this really neat tactic that practically writes the testimonial for the customer, has them edit it a little bit, and send it right back to him for immediate use. (be careful with this one – you’ve gotta do it right, and capture their voice)
  2. OR… You can surf around Facebook (groups, pages, profiles) where happy customers have posted great feedback about the products or courses you’re selling.

You should ALWAYS be collecting these in a folder on your desktop or in your Dropbox.

In this type of email, you’ll dip into this “special folder”, grab 2 or 3 screenshots, upload them into your email, and write a little piece about each.

Once again, you can use the testimonials to guide what you’re going to say about the product you’re selling.

7. Quotes = Romanticism

Everyone loves a good STRONG quote.

While the internet has become more and more saturated by quote-posts and memes, a carefully placed quote inside your email can add the perfect flavor of historic romanticism and intelligence.

A well placed quote works on the mind in a very similar way as a perfectly congruent photograph. It triggers that story-side of the mind. (if you can give your reader chills… you WIN them over instantly)

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Head over to BrainyQuote
  3. Plug it into the Search bar
  4. Grab a few contextual quotes
  5. Then craft your email around them

As Gordon Ramsay would say, “Done.”

8. Video Preview

Got a video blog post? Found a great video to share on Youtube?

The “Video Preview” is the email for YOU!

Step #1 – Grab a “snap-shot” of the video. (tip: If you’re using a Mac, you hold down “command” “shift” “4” to trigger your screenshot crosshairs)

Step #2 – Upload the image into your email.

Step #3 – Write a 3-5 sentence “curiosity” synopses.

Now, make sure you linked the photo to the Video (or vlog post). Then hit “send.”

9. The Surveyor – Ask a Question to Your List

Now, maybe you’re REALLY stuck, or just don’t feel very clear about WHO you’re talking to and what they want.

Sure, you’ve built a list and provided value to your subscribes for weeks, months, maybe even years… But, sometimes you just don’t feel like you know what they want from you.

Simple :: Ask.

Just ask them.

Write a genuine email to your list asking them to “hit reply” and send you an email back with some specific feedback on what they need most and want to learn.

Your “survey” might look a little something like this:

1 :: What’s the source of your GREATEST frustration right now? (business or marketing related)

2 :: What do you want to LEARN about most right now?

3 :: In a few sentences, what is your BIG dream or vision for your business over the next 5-10 years?

Even BETTER if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare to build a survey. You might use a survey platform, like SurveyMonkey, to do this.

Wrapping Up…

So, next time you’re pressed for time or just don’t know what to say in your next email, come on over here for 9 sources of inspiration and ideas.

Remember, emailing your list of subscribers consistently is better than emailing in bursts whenever there’s “something to talk about or promote.” Lead with value, build relationships, and then offer the opportunity to buy and learn more from you.

Did you find value in this post? Let Us Know In The Comments Below! (what was your favorite of the 9 email ideas?)

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