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How To Create An “Espresso” Info-Course In A Weekend (without getting tangled up in technology)

If you’re reading this first sentence, GOOD FOR YOU!

Most folks read the title and scurried away in fear of “not being qualified enough to build their own mini-course” or afraid of “how much work it’ll take.”

Well, after digging into this little “micro-guide” you’ll have a precise blueprint for crafting your own course, WHY it’s such a power-move for your business (hint: nothing feels better than receiving some cash for your own creation), and how to leverage it to make more commissions with your other promos.

Shall we continue?

Let’s start with…

Why Creating Your Own Info-Product Is Like A Shot Of Espresso For Your Business

(especially if it’s been feeling a bit “humdrum“)

Espresso ProductFirst, let’s debunk some myths

#1 – “I have to be an expert before I create an info-course”


You don’t have to be an “expert” (per say) but you DO need to have some knowledge & results. For example: If you’ve invested $30 bucks into some Facebook ads, and you got a half ‘a dozen leads (maybe no sales) then you can whip up a little video “show-n-tell” to share what you did to get those results.

…And folks will pay you $7 for that ALL DAY LONG.

So, it doesn’t need to be astronomical, but it’s gotta be a little “sumtin-sumtin.”

#2 – “Even if I create it, no one will buy from me because I don’t have a big follow (or any at all)”

WRONG… again.

See, the easiest excuse for not selling is… NOT having anything to sell.

Kind of a no-brainer right?

So, that’s why MAGIC happens when you jump into the game of micro-info-course creation, and pop out a little $7 course.

You’ve got something to sell now.

You’ve produced something of value that can be exchanged with someone else for money.

So, even if you don’t have a big list, or following, or whatever… You’ll now have a reason to go out into the marketplace (with your goods) and share it with your new potential customers.

Last one…

#3 – “I don’t know how to create an info-course.”

RIGHT… right you are. (unless you actually do…)

…And here’s a great place to segue into HOW you’re going to do it.

Here’s WHY you’re going to do it, though…

Because when you create your first info-course (even if it’s just a little $7 dealio) you enter into a new realm of possibilities, contribution to the World-Digital Marketplace, and you enhance how other people perceive you.

See, if you’re just giving away FREE stuff all day (or pitching the same courses that 1000’s of others are pitching daily, you’re just another “cog in the machine” – someone else’s machine!)

But, when you’ve got your own course, and your new customers can now exchange money {value} with you, you’re no longer “Freebie Frankie”… You’re their teacher… their training…

Some might even call you their coach after buying your little $7 deal.

So, take this sincerely, and it’ll reward you BIG time.

Let’s get into the “nitty-gritty” a bit. (I promise, we’ll keep it simple though)

How To Create An Espresso “Info-Course”

We’re going to set your new espresso course at $7 bucks.

Makes it easy and fun to work with.

We’ll do this in 3 phases:

  1. Idea Incubation & Blueprinting
  2. Creation & Execution
  3. Deployment

Let’s begin with…

Phase #1 – Idea Incubation & Blueprinting

Before I create a course (something I’m developing on a weekly basis) I ALWAYS blueprint it before I start production. It all starts with the ideas…

Blueprinting Your CourseWhat can you create? What do you know right now? What would you like to learn more about? And how can you transform that latent info-course into motion…

These are the questions to ASK yourself in your idea incubation exercise.

After you’ve got a list of ideas and potential courses you could create, you begin blueprinting it.

Start With The MARKETING In Mind

This is a little something I learned from my buddy, Mark Hoverson, who says, “I’ll write bullet points until I’m excited about creating the course… then I’ll build it.”

So, one of my favorite practices (and I think you’ll soon fall in love with it) is to write bullet points, selling your course, until you’re excited about creating it.

These bullet points are always going to be hints and teasers about problems that you are going to solve in your course.

So, what happens is when you’re finished writing the bullets, you actually have a perfect outline for your course and what to teach now.

Then it’s a simple matter of how many videos you’ll film; how many PDFs (or action guides) you’ll write up; or how many audios you’ll record.

As for how long those videos and audios should be… a good rule-of-thumb is less than 20-min for each video and less than 30-min for each audio.

Now, let’s build this thing.

Phase #2 – Creation & Execution

So, before you get to this second phase, you’ll have punched out a bunch of bullet points, you’ll have a nice solid outline for what you’re going to teach, and you’ll know how many videos & audios to create.

The next phase is all about CREATION.

If you’re using videos to share your screen (whether that be a show-n-tell or Powerpoint presentation) then you’ll want to get yourself a screen recording software like Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (if you’re on PC).

Audio RecordingIf you’re recording audios, you can grab Audacity for Free. (just Google it)

…And for PDFs, all you do it design in Word or Pages and export it as a PDF. (done!)

The creation phase is the simplest once you’ve got your idea solidified from Phase #1.

Phase #3 – Deployment

Now, it’s time to host this bad-boy and get some folks buying your course.

There’s a bunch of software tools and doodads for creating and hosting your own courses – and taking payment. I’ve found that the easiest approach is to find ONE that has it all…

And the only one that I’ve found that has everything built in and ready to go is ClickFunnels.

From your sales page to your membership dashboard (where your course content will live), and even the seamless integration with a payment processor, ClickFunnels is the tool of choice.

I could spend days showing you how to piece together multiple softwares and website tools, but at the end of the day, you’d end up spending more money and wasting a WHOLE lot of time.

So, grab your ClickFunnels account (you can try it out for free for 14-days) and get building.


Here’s the gist…

Course creation does NOT have to be difficult.

In fact, it can be speedy and fun if you follow these 3 simple steps outlined here.

The most intensive step is really Phase #1. Once you’ve honed in on what you’re going to teach, and how you’re going to share it, the next 2 phases are quick ‘n easy.

Now get out there and get creating!

…And if you’ve got any question, feel free to hit me up in the comments.

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