Monday , March 18 2019

How To “Color Hack” Billion Dollar Ecommerce Sites

Here’s a new term for ya: “Color Hacking”

I actually discovered this idea from Russell Brunson while he was “Funnel Hacking.”

One of the ‘hacks’ he did was with Amazon’s Orange hex code (shown below). He used that exact color his order buttons and they apparently did pretty well.

It makes sense…

These huge companies don’t just use any ‘ol random color. They invest millions of dollars into discovering the PERFECT marketing positioning, sizes, shapes… and of course… colors.

So, here’s a little “color hacking”…

 Amazon Dark Blue - #232f3f
 Amazon Light Blue - #42a0c5
 Amazon Orange - #ff9a00
 Target Red - #ce0000
 Etsy Orange - #f76400
 Ebay Blue - #0060d4
 Ebay Yellow - #f6af00
 Ebay Green - #84b900
 Google Blue - #3e82f7
 Google Red - #ed412d
 Google Yellow - #fdbd00
 Google Green - #2da94f

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