Tuesday , February 19 2019

My #1 Most Important Tip For Building Free Offers (hint: it’s NOT about giving away the whole “farm”)

Over the years I’ve built a few dozen FREE give-aways…

And it wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I’d been doing it all WRONG (this entire time).

See, like you, I’m into giving away lots of value.

I think that’s the fastest way to build a relationship with someone and a good way begin the “buying conversation” for any number of my own products or affiliate offers.

You’d agree with that right?

Well, the problem is, there’s two types of value and only ONE of them ever works when you’re taking a new prospect along on your Free Journey to invite them to buy from you.

The first type is HOW-TO value.

This is the step-by-step blueprinting sort of stuff. This is what you put in your paid courses and webinars.

This is NOT the stuff you give away for free. Oops!

The second type is WHAT-WHY value.

It’s powerful and it creates a sensation of “Ah Ha!” for your future customer.

This is the type of value you give away for free. Of course, there’s more to this “what-why” content, so let’s jump into the video and see what it’s all about…

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So, there ya have it.

The key to a successful free offer funnel is CURIOSITY mixed with WHAT-WHY value. You do those two things right and you’re on the path to riches.

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