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3 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Brand (with the help of your favorite leaders)

Branding is always a hot topic it seems… And for the most part, strategies and tactics seem to be getting more and more complicated.

It’s just not necessary.

Building a successful brand is actually quite simple.

I’ve got 3 ways you can start boosting your brand today, and they’re surprisingly simple. There’s still ONE “trump” card to all the fancy branding tactics in the World… Check it out in the video down below.

#1 :: Ask to interview your favorite “thought-leaders” (emphasis on the “s”)

Some won’t reply at all. Few will say “no.” And most will say “yes.”

You might be surprised by this, yet if you just try it out you’ll find that you get a pretty positive response from these folks. Don’t worry about the “no”s or the “no-replies.” They either don’t look at their email often or they’re not available right now.

Here’s how to do this…

  1. Prepare a list of 5-9 questions you want to ask your interviewee.
  2. Send them in an email ahead of time so they can prepare what they’re going to say (or at least rehearse)
  3. When you sign on, double check all your “technology” to ensure it’s working correctly
  4. Introduce your interviewee (with a couple achievements or accomplishments they’ve got under their belt)
  5. Jump right into the first question and move with a steady pace.

Setting up an interview is simple and easy from a functional standpoint…

The only hang-up you might have is mentally. Breath. Be cool. Be calm. Chat with them like they’re a close buddy, and you’ll do just fine. Next up…

#2 :: Co-host A Webinar To Sell Someone’s Product (with them)

This one’s magic, however… It’s gonna require a little bit of work from you. (the rewards are well worth it)

Love someone’s product? How ’bout you invite them onto a Webinar where you sell it for them. A lot of “leaders” that sell their own products have an affiliate program, but if not, you can usually work out a little one-time JV deal. 30-50% commissions are pretty common in those situations.

For example: I don’t have an affiliate program (and am hesitant for many reasons which I’ll get to in another post). However, I have made special exceptions in the past to host special one-time JVs.

30% is my commission split if you’re wondering… Specifically because we send physical gifts to our customers, so our overhead is a little more than most. We make up for it because more folks wanna buy our products to get those unique little tokens and tikis.

This is cool, because you’ve already been through the course and if you’re reaching out to the trainer or teacher, you clearly believe in it.

Selling it on a Webinar with them will be easy.

#3 :: Snap A Photo At The Next Event With Your Favorite Speakers, Trainers, & Leaders

This one’s easy, and I can recall many times when I “pussied out” on this when I first got started. Most people love getting photos taken with them. If they’re stuffy about it, you don’t wanna associate with those assholes anyways.

I’ve yet to be turned down myself, but I have heard of the rare occasion.

Main point here: Don’t be afraid to walk up and ask for a photo.

These photos are GREAT brand-boosters. Even though they’re not sharing content, when you post that photo on social media, it’s there forever… And your audience gets to see that you’re out and about at events and getting connected with cool people (that they likely follow too).


There’s ONE trump card to all of these branding tactics. This is it…

Consistency will always be the TRUMP card.

Show up often. Show up with your best game. Show up with enthusiasm.

Do this, and your following with grow, along with your sales.

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