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9 Powerful Habits of Truly Successful People

Success, these days, seems to be limited to “how big your bank account is”…

…And while having a certain degree of prosperity is a wonderful thing, there are even greater summits of success than even wealth.

In most cases, these are the real attainments which make it possible to enjoy your wealth, and other such successes.

So, while most of these 9 success habits can apply to business and making more money, they mostly apply to the personality developments that create true happiness and fulfillment.

Let’s dig in…

No “Complaining” (do this instead…)

Complaining is so rampant in our day-to-day conversations that it’s as acceptable as alcoholism these days (aka drinking abundant amounts of wine every day… you know you who are! haha).

It’s a subtle sniper of happiness and attractiveness.

Now, almost everyone complains (at least a little bit). But there are definitely varying degrees of it…

For the most part, ALL complaining must cease to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Complaining, gossiping… even under the guise of jest or sarcasm is deadly to your success.

Here’s 3 reasons to cut the cord of complaint now…

  1. It creates subtle pathways in your subconscious mind that attract more of the things you’re complaining about. (Ever notice how people who complain about the same situation always seem to attract it to them over and over again?)
  2. It kills your own personal happiness. Even though it might seem like you’re “venting”, you’re actually creating more issues for yourself by vocalizing and affirming negativity.
  3. People will trust you less. Think about it… Who are the ones you trust the most and least? The least probably complain and gossip a lot, right? You don’t trust them because… well… if they gossip about others to you, they probably gossip about you to others.

So, what to do instead of complaining?

First, it’s important to understand and set up in your mind that ALL complaining is a detrimental habit. It is. Period.

But, if you justify some complaining, it won’t be long before the ‘weeds’ of this bad habit take over your garden of mental peace again.

So, awareness is first.

Then it’s a matter of initiating your willpower to catch complaints on the “mental plane” before you vocalize or contemplate them too deeply.

The moment a complaint boils up, you STOP it in it’s tracks, and activate your will to extract the positive qualities about your situation. (ex. it might not be that there is an obvious “positive aspect” but there always is even if it is the lesson you are discovering from it)

The more complaints you kill, the deeper your appreciation will become.

You’ll beam around with a glow about you… People will feel they can trust you with anything… and you’ll have much more freed up positive energy to use for productive activities.

Adversity is Accepted

…rather than absorbed (i.e. seeing adversity analytically instead taking it personally)

Most people absorb adversity like it’s a personal offense. Like the very cosmos are against them.

…And while adversity never seems to come bearing gifts of pleasant thoughts and feelings, there is a better way to handle it.

That is… to accept adversity as it comes.

Accepting adversity means to see the TRUTH in the challenge rather than deny and resist it.

Instead of becoming emotionally drained, this allows you to extract the lesson, the gifts of growth that these problems and challenges bring.

We won’t dive into the entire scope of this concept here, but there is a Universal Law at play that, if you can see it, you will understand that there is no such thing as a punishing adversity.

All troubles & struggles enter our lives to help us growth and evolve in some way, shape, or form.

Now that’s a refreshing perspective if you can hold onto it even through the “storms of life.”

Wake up Early

This has always been one of my great, personal struggles…

Not because I don’t like mornings, though. Actually, contrary to that point, I LOVE early mornings. However, I also love late nights.

That said, you might already see the predicament here…

You can’t stay up late and wake up early and still function like a health human being.

So, I say… Choose the early mornings.

The day always feels longer and fuller this way. More time for the important projects and activities.

But, besides that, when you wake up early, you open up enough time and quiet space to develop a deeper routine.

For example…

You might wake up, go for a short walk, stretch or do some yoga poses, pray & meditate, brew up some warm tea and read a good book for a little, and then move into your day with a bright, brilliant glow.

You gain a sense of control over your life and each day by establishing routines & rituals like this one.

Be Prepared (but flexible)

Creating a discipled schedule is the pinnacle for a successful life.

Without routine… without some structure… it is very difficult to form good habits (and remove old, stale, non-serving ones).

Create a plan for your day.

Set some achievable “before my head hits the pillow” goals.

KEY WORD: Achievable.

But, also, allow some space for spontaneity and flexibility in your schedule.

You never know what might turn up. Could be an emergency… or it could be a happy surprise.

It’s important to find that nice, steady balance.

Moving through each day with calm control, but be ready to tackle a spontaneous challenge or plunge into the joy of a surprising adventure.

Meditation, Exercise, and Study (daily)

It’s important to invest time in your evolution and growth.

Creating a practice of meditation and studying good books & scriptures written by realized masters and teachers (not the fake kind the West is so used to) is a wonderful habit to form.

These types of practices develop more energy and clarity in your mind… Making it easier to accomplish your goals quickly.

Exercise is also crucial for success.

Having a strong, healthy body allows you to go about your business without much stress or worry.

A sick or painfully, unhealthy body consumes your energy, focus, and attention leaving no room for achievement.

We could even add to this “success habit”… to have a healthy diet including more vegetables and fruits (and less or ZERO animal products which cause more irritation and inflammation in the body system).

Concentration & Focus

More and more people are claiming to have the ADHD condition.

Some REALLY do have this mental disorder, but there are many who simply have a very restless mind because of the instantaneous & ever changing nature of social media and the internet these days.

The most successful minds in the world spend FAR less time engaged in these trivial distractions and much more time in quiet contemplation, and focused working sessions.

You will be able to accomplish much more in less time when you develop this profound mental skill.

For example: This blog post, which is over 2000+ words, was written in about 2 hours instead 4 or 5 because I did not check email and Facebook while writing it. I wanted to. And I certainly had to fight the urge to “just take a 5-min break to peek”… But, using a little discipline and willpower, I stuck to this blog post to get it written, edited, and sent for you to read.

If you want to develop more concentration and focus, then every time you set the intention to get some work completed, turn off social media, disconnect from email, and silence your phone.

All of it can wait.

None of it is more important that your concentrated attention.

If you need evidence, just try to remember all of the trivial news pieces and Facebook posts you engaged in last week…

Can’t remember, can you?

Because they contributed very little value to your life.

Find time to focus on meaningful activities with the utmost attention and focus.

Your mind will become as clear as a pond on a warm, windless night.

Journal & Document

Try this. Even if you only write ONE word. Attempt to journal on a somewhat regular basis.

I’ve heard about the power of documenting and journalling your thoughts for a while…

I did it on and off, and recently, I have been journalling more frequently.

After several days of back-to-back journalling an insight struck me several days ago…

As I was writing I felt as if I was an explorer (of life) documenting my thoughts and discoveries. I felt this subtle sense of “on-purposeness.”

Like I have chosen to go on this voyage, on purpose, to discover the mysteries of a foreign land… documenting my findings and developing a “map,” possibly for others to use someday to avoid the pitfalls and move more swiftly.

I attempt to take that mood with me into each day, now.

After-all, that ‘story’ isn’t too far from the truth, is it?

Humble, Calm, and Kind

There is a depth which would take us into hours of explanation about WHY these 3 qualities are divine and wonderful to develop…

But, to save time, let us just explore them on the surface…

First… Being Humble.

Of all the many reasons there are for “being humble”, I’ve yet to find one more unifying than this…

No one is “self-made.” There is no such thing. All knowledge, wisdom, and experiences have come from sources beyond our comprehension and understanding. And even if you contemplate this idea merely on the physical level, you’ll find that the only way to be somewhat “self-made” would be to be tossed (at birth) into a people-less, creature-less, jungle to ‘grow up’ all on your own.

That would be the closest to “self-made” you might get, and we can all guess at how un-evolved that person would be if they even survived.

So, it is important to express humble gratitude for all who have contributed to our lives (and continue to). Even those who were hurtful, competitive, or perhaps only placed our groceries in a bag at the store.

We’re all together helping each other to growth and evolve (sometimes in the subtlest and simplest ways).

A Contemplation: Next time you sit down to eat lunch or dinner, try to fathom all of the various people who helped to make that moment possible. From the tree being cut down, processed into a workable piece of wood, carried to the lumberyard, fashioned together by the machines (which were constructed by other people out of materials gathered by even more people)… And so on nearly into infinity…

…Just to craft the table you’re eating on.

And that’s only the table.

We’re all connected to one-another. No one is self-made.


An erratic, restless mind is incapable of achieving much.

On the other hand, if you have integrated a degree of calmness in your personality, you will be able to face even the greatest challenges with competence and intelligence.

Adversity might test you, but you’ll have the even-mindedness to counter it with a dozen possible solutions.

This is the power of calmness.

In a more communal sense, we are also most attracted to those people who seem to have the steadiest & most balanced personalities. Those who seem to “get it.”

And those who aren’t going to over-react at the slightest irritation.


Kindness is one of the most virtuous qualities you can develop. (almost interchangeable with compassion)

But, first, let’s be clear…

Kindness does not mean meekness or weakness.

You do not have to be a pushover to be kind. And you certainly do not have to be dishonest to be kind.

That is a sort of fake kindness (contempt is secretly brewing in this type of person).

True kindness is to see your intrinsic unity with everyone.

For example… If you’re having a great day, and someone comes along and starts gossiping, complaining, and nagging about their awful day…

You start to feel like your day is becoming worse.

Your energy becomes depleted.

On the contrary, if you are having a bad day, and someone comes along (who is having a great day) and decides to smile at you and wishes you a good day… instantly a little bit of light sneaks through the cracks of your gloom.

In either of these scenarios, can’t you see how it is always best to be KIND and spread that good stuff around to others.

You never know what impact you will have by developing a constant kindness… But, it is always positive.

Always making daily progress on BIG projects and goals

Last, but certainly not least…

Daily progress!

I do not think there is a single “success” book that excludes consistency and persistence.

These 2 ingredients are the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

In fact, “daily progress” is so powerful that fairly “normal” people can become far more successful than even intellectuals, professors, and other such very skilled people just by moving forward a little more each day.

So, make a diligent effort (no matter how smart you are) to move the “progress bar” forwards every day.

You’ll be absolutely amazed by what you can create in a week or a month by doing this.

Hope you enjoyed these 9 habits of truly successful people.

If you did, feel free to comment below and let me know what was your favorite one.

…And also remember to share it around with your friends! They’ll thank you for it.

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