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7 Things You Can Outsource On Fiverr.com (#7 is my favorite! haha)

Ever need to get something done, but you (a) didn’t want to do it, or (b) just didn’t know how to do it?

Yeah… Me too!

…And one of my favorite places to get some pretty awesome work done {quickly} is this neat place called Fiverr.

You may have heard of it… maybe you’ve even bought a few “gigs” before, but I’m betting there’s a few extra things you can hire out on Fiverr, that you might not have thought of. Here’s 7 different ideas for using Fiverr…

#1 – Creating A Video Intro (or Outro)

Ever see those fancy video “intros” and “outros” that the “pros” smack onto their videos?

video introEver wonder how they got those made? (from the outside, it seems like an expensive or ‘advanced’ sort of deal)…

But, the truth is, it’s very SIMPLE.

Do a search on Fiverr for “Video Intro” or “Video Outro” and you’ll be invited into the world of dozens upon dozens of fancy, cool looking 10-15 second video stings. Try it out!

#2 – A Graphic Designer (for your banner or Logo)

Some of us just aren’t born with the ability to conjure up a nice looking banner ad or logo…

Even with the “easy-to-use” free tool called Canva, you might not feel that you have the talent to create something awesome. That’s where Fiverr comes in.

Do a little search for “Logo design” and you’ll find dozens of VERY capable logo designers.

Many of them will even design multiple variations of your desired logo so you can choose from the one you like best!

#3 – Transcribing a Video or Audio (on the cheap)

hire a transciptionist

If you go with a service like Rev.com to transcribe your videos or audios, you’re looking at $1.00 per minute… which, to be fair, is a GREAT price.

But, if you’re looking to get something longer transcribed… let’s say like a 1 hour Webinar… You’d be spending $60 bucks to get that transcribed with their service.

Enter… Fiverr.

A lot of transcriptionists will transcribe your audio or video for around 50 cents per minute. HALF the price of a service like Rev.com.

That’s pretty good. Just search for “transcription” and you’ll find a bunch of capable transcriptionists.

#4 – Get Your WordPress Site Built (or worked on)

If you’ve already got a WordPress blog, there might be a few things you want done to it but just don’t have the time (or knowledge) to do it.

Someone on Fiverr will be more than happy to help you out.

…And if you don’t have a blog yet, instead of going through the pains of trying to figure out how to set one up by your self, you can simple pay someone $5 bucks to do it for you!

#5 – Get An E-Cover Built

Ever see those sweet looking “fake-boxes” (or CDs) on someones capture page (or sales page)?

3-part-video-seriesWell, I use a program called Cover Action Pro for Photoshop CS6, which costs hundreds of dollars, not to mention the graphic design talent (that took years and years of experience to develop).

You could get the very same thing built for your site for just $5 on Fiverr.

Search, “ecover design” and you’ll find a bunch of folks ready to work for you.

#6 – Have a Sharable Infographic Built For Your Site

Infographics are BIG undertakings…

Here’s a great resource to get some ideas for your own infographics (and what sort of information people really like to see) not to mention a few that you can probably share on your own blog: Kissmetrics Infographics (notice how they give you the “embed code” to share it – great for backlinking)

It’s something that I know how to do, but simple haven’t because I don’t want to invest the time and effort into building one…

But, ya know what…

Someone else will do it for you for just a few bucks.

On Fiverr, you can search, “Infographic” and a bunch of people will not only design the darn thing for you… they’ll even do the research!

#7 – Lastly…

I couldn’t help but leave this one for number seven…

See, Fiverr is great for a LOT of useful tasks that you (a) don’t have time for or (b) don’t have the skill or knowledge to get it done…

That said, there are plenty of other fascinating and fun uses, like this one:

morgan-freemanGetting “Morgan Freeman” To Give You A Testimonial.


You can actually get this done on Fiverr.com.

Simply search, “Morgan Freeman Voice” and you’ll find a few dozen people to choose from.

(some better than others… and a few of the premium guys who can get it so close, you’ll be wondering if Mr. Freeman did it himself)

Funny Story: My buddy Andrew Draughon and I actually looked into getting a BUNCH of different voice actors (who were very talented) for getting a whole presentation created using the voices of famous actors and characters.

It’s amazing… and slightly distracting… how much you can do on Fiverr.

One thing’s for sure though…

You’ll never get bored.

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