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7 Branding Tips (hint: I screwed up #5 when I first started my entrepreneurial journey)

Here’s a hot topic…

Building a strong online presence… or brand… or authority empire.

How ever you’d like to spin it, I’ve got a few tips for you if you’re a digital entrepreneur looking to “up” your game in the branding world.

Truth is, it’s quite simple – so I think you’ll enjoy these tips here.

Now, let’s get into the first two.

7 Branding Tips (to boost “public image”)

NUMBER 1 – Avoid getting caught up in political or religious debate and opinion-vomiting.

This is a BIG one.

Well… unless, of course,  your brand is political or religious in nature. Most aren’t.

The first thing to remember, is that a little joke here and there is okay. Light-hearted play is cool. Where it becomes a problem is when you get really heated and go off on some ridiculous rant (like you’re going to somehow create a positive outcome).

We all know how those end – in argument with a bunch of other “chuckleheads.”

Always best to avoid these sorts of conversations and focus on providing value and sharing your message.

recording-quality-videoNUMBER 2 – Use quality video.

Typically this is pretty easy to do with all the smartphone HD cameras available today. Only thing is… sometimes it’s not the camera… it’s YOU!

So, here’s a couple tips for shooting better looking video (even if you don’t have a fancy DLSR camera)

  1. Film in GOOD lighting. Natural light is ALWAYS the best light. Whenever you can, shoot your video so that the natural light pouring into a window or door is showing on your face. If you can’t find some natural lighting (or it’s night-time) turn on a lamp that faces you at ‘eye-level’ (we don’t want those creepy shadows of a lamp that’s too high or too low on our face)
  2. Speak up! If you’re in a noisy area, it’s okay as long as we can hear you – if we can’t hear you, go somewhere less noisy so we can. Simple as that. We’ve GOT to hear you.
  3. Get a tripod. It’s tough to watch a video that’s shaking all over the place. Unless you’ve got the steadiness of a brain-surgeon’s hand, get a tripod. Your views will thank you for it.

…AND, if you really wanna boost your video game, check out the Logitech C920 – Been using this for years to produce higher quality videos. (comes with a USB cable to plug right into your laptop)

Now, let’s segue into the video for the next 3 tips and then come join me down below to wrap up the final two!

Fun Fact: I actually used my Macbook Pro’s built in camera for this video because I didn’t feel like setting up my fancy-pants camera. If you’ve got a newer computer, typically you can get away with recording straight into it like this. Still… The logitech C920 would have been better. (I think mine is still packed away from our recent move)

Alrighty, so there ya have the first 5 branding tips.

Let’s wrap it up with these final 2…

NUMBER 6 – “Play” in affiliate contests.

Whether it’s big or small, find a few that you can stand behind and pour some energy into getting in the top 15 or even top 10.

Typically, it’s easiest to score in the top 10 with the smaller (or ongoing leaderboard) type contests.

Why this is SUCH a great branding strategy is because (1) you can screenshot your results and post them all over social media – which shows folks that you’re playing big and really going for it…

…And (2) if it’s a larger affiliate contest, the host will almost ALWAYS make daily announcements with who’s in the top 15… even top 20.

Those hosts send these emails out to 100’s sometimes 1000’s of affiliates who will see YOU in the ranks.

That’s just good branding.

Now, for the final branding tip…

NUMBER 7 – Leave Testimonials.

Weird one. I know.

But, here’s what’s cool about leaving a testimonial (and actually investing some time into crafting a REALLY good one – preferably a video)…

leaving-a-testimonialWhen you leave a testimonial for a product or service that you enjoyed, the creator will appreciate you and your effort, and most likely feature you on the page.

There’s even a good chance that they’ll write an email to their humungous list of 10’s of thousands of people with your picture and testimonial in it.

Few people thing about how much impact this has on their brand.

Now, if you want to really “up” your testimonial game… Shoot a nice video, get it transcribed, and send them both the video and the written testimonial with a picture of yourself that you like.

The less work you make it for them…

The more likely you are to get featured faster.

…And not only does this put you on the radar (in multiple places) it also builds good “juju” with the course creators and owners.

Trust me… We remember those who so graciously leave feedback.

Who knows what that might lead to.

I’ve got a few stories, like one time when I sent a very simple “compliment” (not even a full on testimonial) to someone who ended up connecting me with a bunch of HUGE online marketers…

…Which later on lead me to working directly with folks like Ray Higdon, Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos… just to name a few.

Testimonials & genuine compliments are POWERFUL. Use ’em.

Now, it’s time to hear from you! If you really enjoyed this post, let me know by hitting one of the “like” or “share” buttons (be sure to tag me).

I’ll see you in the next one!

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