Tuesday , February 19 2019

5 “Free Offer” Ideas For Your Next “Giveaway”

Free is one of the most PERSUASIVE words a marketer can use.

…It’s also one of the most dangerous.

See, when you give away something for free, folks tend to expect MORE free stuff. So, think of it like this…

If you give a $297 course away for free, not only is it not completely devalued, but your audience will expect free courses of that caliber all the time.

Now, it’s pop a “value” onto something free that you’re giving away, but it’s important to remember that your giveaway isn’t supposed to be a full comprehensive 16 module course.

Solve a specific problem, create an “ah-ha” moment, or show someone how to do something they didn’t think of before…

…And then INVITE them to join you inside your product.

So, now that the tone is set for crafting your free giveaways, here’s 5 ideas for your next one!

Here’s the webinar blog post I mentioned in the video above: The Ultimate Guide To Hosting An Unforgettable Webinar (complete with slide templates & examples)

#1 – Specific, Simple “How-to” Screenshot Guide

Not only are these great giveaways if you’ve got terrible “video-phobia”, but it’s also a lot easier for your prospects to follow a  guide rather than constantly pause a video to do the next step…

If you want to show someone how to do something that takes a LOT of steps, it’s best to take screenshots, add arrows and circles, and wrap it up in a nice, neat PDF.

#2 – Coupon (ecommerce)

This is specifically for you if you’ve got an ecommerce shop.

Coupons are kinda tough to work into a free giveaway if you’re selling information products, because it devalues your course.

Psychologically speaking… Coupons don’t tend to devalue physical retail items.

I don’t know about you… But whenever I get a coupon that gives me a discount, I feel like I’m GETTING more value, rather than the product losing it’s value.

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#3 – Step-by-Step Tutorial Video

Now, if you can share the steps within 5-12 minutes, a video might be exactly what you use instead of a PDF.

I prefer video because it always seems to add more value. Something about activating the MOST senses that engages your viewers a whole lot more than a PDF.

…And remember to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

If you do woodworking… share a little tutorial of a simple carving.

If you are a make-up artists… show off your talents by showing someone who to do an easy DIY style. (who do you think they’ll trust to do the fancy stuff..? YOU.)

…And if you’re a digital marketer, there’s still plenty of opportunity to do something different than a screenshare video.

Although… That is the simplest way to whip up a good solid free offer.

#4 – Webinar Recording

DO NOT do this if you’re not selling anything on the webinar. It’s quite a waste.

Now, there are two ways to do this…

  1. If you have an automated webinar system, then you’re in business!
  2. If you don’t… You can turn off the controls and let the video autoplay. At minimum, your viewers MUST watch the video entirely to see your offer (and get whatever special gift you promise them at the end)

Webinars are POWERFUL.

If you’re nervous or just don’t know where to start, this guide will help you: The Ultimate Guide To Hosting An Unforgettable Webinar (complete with slide templates & examples)

#5 – Your Notes!

Holy smokes!

If only you turned your attention on all those dozens of notes you’ve been taking on books, webinars, and at events…

You’ve got a gold mine worth of content you can be sharing.

Just remember to give credit where it’s due and you’re off to the races with a nearly unlimited supply of free giveaways you can create.

…AND there ya have it.

5 ideas for you NEXT free giveaway.

If you’ve been “sitting on the fence” about this, now you’ve got the inspiration & the know-how. It’s time to get to work and create your giveaway.

But before you go, here’s a little BONUS TIP

Don’t spend TOO long on creating a free giveaway. I find that the best ones are the ones that were created swiftly and specifically. The longer you spend on it, the more complicated it becomes.

Create value… but do it swiftly.

Then… become detached from it. It’s not your baby. If it fails (after a REAL genuine promotion) then scrap it and whip up a new one. Don’t dwell. Don’t cry. Move forward with haste.

Now, have get to work! And remember to enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

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