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5 Outstanding Follow Up Emails (that’ll set you apart from the crowd)

Two days ago I wrote an email about the “pitfalls of automation” (how to do it “right” and how to do it “WRONG!”) I think that’s a good place to start for this particular post…

Because, what I’m sharing here are 5 great follow-up emails. Obvious, by it’s very nature, these are “automated.”

So, quickly…

Here’s the issue with automation:

When you automate, you dehumanize. Do it right, and it's a dream come true!Click To Tweet

So, in the age of automation and HIGH tech, we’ve got a lot of opportunity to let computers and tools to a LOT of heavy lifting for us. We just need to remember, “When we automate, we de-humanize.”

But, there are ways to make your automation FEEL more real and personal. I’ll give you an example.

First, the wrong way…

If you clicked on a link in my email, it sent you to watch a video… My ‘soopa-smaht’ software tracks your actions and finds out that you only watched 3 minutes and 14 seconds of the video (which was hardly enough to hear my offer).


A triggered email is sent to you that says, “Hey YOU, looks like you didn’t watch the whole video. Well, here’s what you’re missing… blah blah blah. Click here to continue watching.”

Seems harmless, right?


What happened here is that you discovered that some sort of “kinda creepy” machinery tracked your butt all the way over to my website and even “watched” you watch my video. Yikes! Not to mention, you KNOW I didn’t write that email to ya.

Now, here’s the better way

“Hey YOU! Did you see minute 5:53 of the video I sent ya yet?? Pretty incredible right? This is such a GAME-CHANGER. If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely don’t want to miss this. Click Here To Watch Now. See ya over there.”


Yes, it’s clearly automated.

But, no, it doesn’t feel like I watched you… even though… I did! (that’s why you’re getting the email)

See, anyone who watched the whole video, they just simply won’t get that email. They’ll get a different one.


You’ve got the #1 more important RULE: “Attempt to humanize automation as much as possible.”

Let’s get into these…

5 Great Follow Up Emails

Just a little hint here…

Most of these will include some extra work on a page or blog post (maybe even a video). Some of the BEST follow-up emails are ones that provide unexpected over-delivery of value.

#1 – Create a “blog page” specifically for content/selling your product

I’m actually working on a very intricate follow-up strategy right now. It includes LOTS of automated (and tracking of user-actions) and in each of the sequences there’s 3-4 content posts just like this.

These are are great way to build rapport, trust, and good-will with your new subscribers. Most folks only bombard their prospects with SELLING emails. Yikes man!

Can you imagine walking into a retail store for the first time being greeted by a salesman who pitches you immediately, then follows you around the store trying to sell items to you where ever you look?

I kid you not… This has happened to me!

Kayla and I avoid this store like the plague.

These very same principles work online (even more so because your physical presence is a huge missing ingredient).

#2 – Create a Praise page with testimonials about your product

First… I love the word “praise” instead of “testimonials.” I snagged this idea from Marie Forleo’s blog.

Here’s an idea!

Dedicate a whole email to sharing some amazing stories and testimonials of real customers who got results. You can even build a page with tons of them on there (including only a couple in your email with a “continue reading” button)

^Great way to also add a “Buy Now” button on your Praise Page.

#3 – Create a sneak-peak video where you take folks on the inside of the course

This is such an OVERLOOKED opportunity.

I think folks are nervous to share the inside of a course – but if it’s awesome, what’s the worry? I love this idea and use it often.

In fact, all of my pre-releases of new courses are simple “sneak-peaks” inside the new course. Really, there’s not much more to it.

Now, of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this!

The WRONG way is to get too wrapped up in the content of what you’re selling. If you find yourself talking too much about the features, and not enough about the results your customer will achieve because of it…

You’re off track.

Here’s how to be on the RIGHT track…

Don’t share everything. Skim through the course and highlight a few KEY modules or videos or features that will produce specific results.

Your viewers will see all the other stuff (and be curious) but you’ll share only a taste of the product.

#4 – Create a sales-letter email

…AND there it is.

Just wouldn’t be complete without this email.

Good-will value posts are great, but there is a time for selling too. After all, if you don’t move your prospect into a buying decision, they’ll forever be stuck in “Free-land” without the entire solution to their problems and struggles.

Here’s a cool idea…

Instead of taking them to the sales page… Just write the whole thing into an email!

I’ve seen this only a few times, and I love it every time I get one of these sorts of emails. I’ve even made purchases from just the email (the link took me straight to the order form).

Try it out. (remember, don’t do this unless you’ve first built up some good solid rapport or it will definitely work against you)

#5 – Invite them to a special webinar (can be evergreen and automated)

This is sort of advanced, but if you’ve got a tool like Everwebinar, you can pull this one off.

It’s simple, although it takes some extra work to put together. (when it’s finished it can go on for months… even years… automatically for you) That’s the beauty of this strategy.

It goes like this:

  • Someone opts in for your free gift…
  • You deliver it via email and then also invite them to a totally free webinar… (could even be LIVE if you updated the link every week) In our case, it’s evergreen.
  • This webinar then delivers even MORE value to your view in a shorter amount of time than a series of videos could do…
  • On the webinar, towards the middle/end, you make a nice, easy offer to purchase your product. Nothing weird. Just a simple offer with what they’re getting.

Pretty great if you put in the time and effort to build this!

So, there you have it! 5 automated emails you can use for your next sequence (maybe even add one to an existing follow-up series that you’ve got built)

…And remember: Attempt to humanize your automation as much as possible!

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