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4 Content Marketing Tips For NEVER Running Out Of Stuff To Talk About

I must admit… I’m NOT at all typical.

…I’ll explain why this isn’t necessarily a “benefit” in a moment…

I don’t watch TV (except for the OCCASIONAL iTunes movie), I stay off of Facebook as much as possible (if you look at my profile, I only post when I’m at events or something…)

…And I don’t watch, listen to, or stay up-to-date with the “current news.” (which is typically frankenstein’ed together to match the media’s current agenda anyways)

And while many folks in the “entrepreneurial world” would claim all of those habits as VIRTUOUS…

As a content marketer, it puts me at a HUGE disadvantage.

Now, I don’t know if you’re like me… or if you’re the complete opposite… which would be HYPER engaged in social media, TV, and the current events of the World News.

And, I can say for certain, that there is a definite advantage in being more engaged in all of those things. (so long as you’re aware of it).

But! If you’re like me… You might find yourself at a loss for new content ideas.

GOOD NEWS is… There’s a “way around” it all. (without having to break your code of “non-engagement”)

In fact, this very blog post stems from a struggle I encountered yesterday.

Story Time!

I was sitting at our kitchen table staring into the blank ether of a “new blog post” page, desperately trying to think of something to write about.

Kayla walked by and jokingly said, “You should write about what to write about when you can’t think of anything to write about.”

She thought it was funny.

I was so stuck that I didn’t.

But, in hindsight… It’s pretty hilarious.

Even funnier, because that’s what I’m doing now.

BUT! I couldn’t even bring myself to write about that last night because I didn’t know how to write about that.

Thing is, if you don’t get caught up in the “down swing” of a struggle, it becomes your QUEST for a solution, which is what happened.

I went on a hunt.

I started searching for ideas. What could I write about? Where could I find inspiration? Who did I follow or look up to as GREAT bloggers? What tools or resources were out there that I could tap into?

And after about 60 minutes of searching…

I had found SEVERAL!

My mind was bubbling with ideas to write about.

But, it was too late to write the post.

It was time to activate my “nightly routine” (which ya just don’t MESS with!)

And so…

4 Content Marketing Ideas (so you never run out of things to talk about...)Click To Tweet

If you’re ever stuck in the same position that I was, I hope these help to shake things loose so you can get creative and have some fun creating great content.

Twitter Search

In the example below, all I did was search for content marketing, hit “PHOTOS” and there ya go! It just so happened that “content marketing” attracts a LOT of infographics, so there’s a topic that’d be easy to find some inspiration from.

You could probably even reference the infographic if it was linked.

Thing is…

You can do this for just about any topic. “Content Marketing” was just the first one that popped into my head at the time.

Let’s say you wanted to know more about conservation news for your next Instagram post. Check it out…

There is a WEALTH of information on Twitter. You just gotta know where to search for it. Now that you’ve got this neat little idea, I find it difficult to believe you’ll EVER be stuck again.

Next up…

Yahoo Answers

What?? I thought that was just for cheating on Chemistry Lab worksheets?

Well, apparently it’s GOOD for business too!

For example, let’s say I want to gather some intel on the “video marketing” community, and discover some of my prospects most common questions & struggles…

If you thought “Twitter Search” was cool, “Yahoo Answers” will blow your mind.

Twitter is more of a Promotional Platform. Lot’s of folks are PUSHING their own agenda… which has it’s uses.

On the opposite end is Yahoo Answers, where users are typically PULLING for information and answers to their questions and problems.

Try it. Guarantee you’re mind will start bubbling with ideas for new content.

Always Being Build Your List Of Favorite Blogs

Link back to them… it’s called an “outbound link” and Google Bots actually use these to find your posts and look for relevancy patterns in your content and your links. Notice how many times Neil Patel links to other sites and references.

Here’s just 3 (kinda 4) of my FAVORITES…

#1 – QuickSprout.com (NeilPatel.com too) – Neil Patel is an outstanding blogger and marketing master. You could easily get lost in his blogs for months on end and still not read every article, guide, and video transcription.

These are 2 great places to go for inspiration, and you’ll actually learn a lot for yourself by digging into some of the posts.

#2 – SmartPassiveIncome.com – Been a big fan of Pat Flynn’s stuff for years now. It’s so cool to the growth of his blog. I’ve seen his income go from $40k per month up to where it is now ($150k+ per month). He does these transparent “income reports” every month, so we can see all this. It’s pretty cool.

But, the BEST part is all of the amazing content.

He doesn’t just put a simple blog post together.

They’re more like GUIDES these days.

For me, it’s not always the content that inspires me, but the way the content was delivered. Just check out some of his latest blog posts… You’ll see what I mean. It’s totally different than any blog I’ve ever seen.

#3- Copyblogger.com – These guys put out a lot of content. Again, it’s a great place to hangout, read some posts and find neat ideas for your next piece of content.

Now, here’s the important part about this…

Some folks… many folks… have developed a strange habit of just completely ripping off someone else’s work. You see it everywhere…

Fan pages that STEAL videos and post them as their own. (yes, it’s considered stealing when you download a Youtube video and post it on your fan page)

Bloggers that “copy-paste” someone else’s entire post… What?? Don’t do that.

So, what I’m sharing here isn’t about STEALING.

Engage in these blogs. Find ideas that spark newer, more original ideas from your own experience.

If they said something GREAT that you don’t want to alter, quote them and link back to their blog post – this doesn’t distract your own readers, it makes them feel like you’re MORE legit. (fact: referencing other sources actually makes you more credible)

So, start building your list.

…And yes, you can “rip off” those 3 above to start your list without quoting me. ;)

Pull 10 Books of Your Shelve and Skim The Table Of Contents

EASY! Unless you don’t have a library of books about your niche. In that case, there’s a great “shop” I’d like to recommend to you… it’s called Amazon.com! {haha}

Okay, enough jokes.

This is definitely one of my favorite things to do. It’s FAST too.

I typically keep a few books just hanging around on my desks anyways so I can grab ’em and skim.

If you’re stuck in your head, dive into a few books and let someone else’s REFINED thoughts guide and inspire you.

Sometimes I don’t even read past the Table of Contents.

When you really know your stuff, sometimes you get stuck because there’s “Too Much” to write about and no clarity about which one to start with first.

This little technique helps extract one of those ‘restless’ ideas and put the spotlight on it so you can focus and create a great piece of content.

Equip with these 5 tips… I don’t think you’ll EVER be stuck again.

I know I won’t be.

Glad I could struggle a little bit so you don’t have to. There’s a little lesson in that whole experience too…

Your greatest struggles CAN BE your biggest breakthroughs.

…And if you transfer them into a paid course… they can pay you very well too!

Drop me a comment below if ya liked this one. I’ll chat with ya laters.

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