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3 Things You Should Automate Starting TODAY (#1 is my personal favorite)

3-things-you-should-automateAh… the sweet sound of “automation.”

It’s the entrepreneurial “pipe” dream, isn’t it?

Well… At least that’s what some would have us believe.

The truth is, automation can be a beautiful thing so long as we don’t abuse it and “dehumanize” ourselves. (which, perhaps to your surprise, is not terribly difficult to avoid)


You can SUPER-humanize yourself by appearing to do more, show up more often, and share more value than anyone else when you discover the “secrets” to automation that works.

Here’s Why We LOVE Automation

  1. It can free up your time so that you can do MORE of the tasks you want to do, and less of the mundane activities you don’t want to do…
  2. It can liberate your energy, so you feel more enthusiastic and excited about your work – rather than having to juggle 40+ NEW tasks every single day (you’ll see what I mean in the video below)
  3. And {most impactful of all} automating the “right” things will create SPEED in your business unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

My buddy, Tim Erway, always says, “Success Loves Speed.”

…And that it does!

So, let’s get into these THREE automation ideas that’ll accelerate your productivity, and unleash a torrent of micro-successes into your life.

3 Automation Strategies

(for activating your productivity and unlocking “dormant” energy you can only vaguely remember having as a child)

Number 1…

Let’s automate those Facebook posts that you KNOW you should be doing every day, but just don’t feel inspired to “remember” to do them.

I get it…

It’s easy to forget to post when it feels “pointless” – when no one is liking your posts (except for best friend and your mom). So, how do we ensure we NEVER forget?


We automate it – by scheduling the posts well ahead of time.

Scheduling a Facebook post

This is easiest automation: the “Facebook Post Scheduling” method.

So, ‘jot’ it down on a piece of paper or as a note in your phone so you remember to find a few quote posts, or blogs that you have been wanting to post… and just haven’t.

Scheduling them for the next several days will take a grand spanking 5-minutes to do.

Worth it right?!

And ya know what…

Now’s actually a great time to hop into the video so I can better share with you the next two automation strategies. It just so happens that #2 and #3 work FAMOUSLY together too.

Did ya like that? If you did, hit me in the comments below and let me know which one was your personal Favorite!

Now, let’s dig into HOW TO leverage these final two “automation” ideas…

Number 2…

Scheduling those “easy-to-forget” emails.

cosmic-ganeshEven if I was the Ganesh, the four-armed god, I could not count {on all of my fingers} how many times I’ve ‘forgotten’ to send an email I had intended on sending.

You too?

Well, the best thing about email “autoresponder” services, is that the whole point is automation.

Now, I’m not talking about the automatic follow-up that we’re all pretty familiar with – Sure, we can built out an unlimited number of those emails…

What we’re talking about here is “scheduling” (i.e. automating) a few emails to send out to our LIST while we’re off doing important “money-making” activities.

This is pretty easy to do, although it does vary from service to service. Here’s how I do it in GetResponse.

Scheduling an Email in Get Response

So, which ever one you’re using, if you’re going to an event (where you know you’ll be busy networking) or you’re heading out on a 10-day vacation to Fiji {that sounds nice, right?}, remember to schedule a few emails so you list doesn’t MISS YA too much.

And, now, for the final automation “act”…

Number 3…

Scheduling your blog posts can seem like a DAUNTING task when you think about having to craft more than 1 blog post in a single day, but, consider this….

Let’s say you wanted to post 2 blogs this week.

If you waited until the DAY OF YOUR POSTING to write the post, add the images, craft a title, post it all over social media, and then send an email to your list, you’re looking at a good 2-3 hours of work.

Do you have that sorta time in the morning?

Maybe YOU do… but I don’t. (and a lot of us don’t)

Now, if we knew we were going to write 2 blog posts for the week, and we decided to sit down on a Sunday afternoon for 2-3 hours of FOCUSED time (remember: if you were doing this on the “day of” you would be dipping your mind into 4-5-6 or more tasks)…

So, now, you’ve got 2-3 hours of FOCUSED time to punch out 2 blog posts and schedule them for the week, rather than feeling like you have to invest 3 hours per blog for the 2 days of posting (which comes up to 6 hours of working time).

Scheduling Your WordPress Blog Posts

Pretty cool right?

But, the biggest payoff isn’t just that the blogs get posted…

The BIGGEST payoff is that YOU don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to have enough time to write it, post it, promote it, and still get to all of the other important tasks of the day.

Wrap This Automation Business Up…

So, ya see…

The whole point of automating your business is NOT to disengage from it – quite the contrary actually.

The point is to liberate yourself from the mental burdens of “task-switching” and most of all the GUILT of “dropping the ball” and NOT posting anything at all.

Personally, the guilt is the more devastating one.

So, my hope was that if you saw a new automation idea here, that you’d now have the know-how to put it into action… and IF not, that you maybe had a FLASH of genius about something else you want to automate.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this little automation journey.

Feel free to tap the share button or leave me a comment below – Always love hearing from you!

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