Tuesday , February 19 2019

My 3 Favorite Triggers (and how to use them to be more persuasive)

First, before I share these three triggers… what is a trigger?

A trigger (as it relates to us) is a “psychological formula” that, when used, persuades someone to take a certain action.

For example, if we use the ‘Collector Trigger’ what we’re essentially doing is activating, in someone, their desire to collect objects (whether material or digital).

You might do this by using language like “adding this PDF to your digital library” or “securing this finally achievement¬†to complete your entrepreneurial trophy case.”

Now, the “collector” trigger is not among the 3 I’m sharing with you in this video (so you kind of got 4 now), but you will find 3 VERY powerful triggers that you might even find yourself using on a daily basis.

Let’s check them out…

Again, these 3 triggers were hand-picked from Joe Sugarman’s book, Triggers, which contain 30 “formulas” for being more persuasive in your marketing.

I highly recommend you grab this book – it’s a quick & fun read.

…And it’s something you’ll go back to many times.

Would love to hear from you in the comments!

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