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The Definitive Guide To The 12-Point Video Sales Letter Script (narrated)

I discovered this sales video script about two or three years ago.

Ever since then, I’d used this very same formula to create dozens of sales videos and millions of dollars in revenue for my clients and myself, collectively.

I believe this formula comes from Digital Marketers, so kudos to you guys! (always good to give credit where credit is due)

Here’s the 12-Step Video Sales Letter Script (as it is)

Let’s dig into this 12-step formula now.

I left the 12 steps UNTOUCHED because that’s how they meant it to be and you just don’t mess with a good formula. I’ll elaborate on each step with my own insights and experiences.

It’s also worth mentioning this KEY point that I had in my notes (that comes directly from their PDF)… “This formula is not meant to be a checklist of features to include in your video sales letter; this formula is a SEQUENCE to be followed.”

Meaning… Don’t deviate from the order of these items. They were built in this order for a good reason: This formula converts!

#1 – “Attention Grabbing Greeting”

You might also call this the “Hook.” The purpose of your very first couple of slides is to GRAB your viewers attention immediately.

I’ve used many different types of HOOKS. Here’s a few:

  • They LIED to you ‘hook’ – This one’s obvious, but it often works pretty well. Basically, it’s creating an “us” (including your viewer) versus “them” (anyone outside the video).
  • Nail ’em with BIG results immediately – This hook is leveraging another element in the 12-step formula… Results. See, it’s okay to use results in the beginning if it makes a good hook. You’ll use them again later too. Example: “Check this out… Just last week I grew my list from 341 to over 2,388 {screenshot proof} in only 7 days and I’m about to show you exactly how I did it and how you can to…”
  • If I told you so… ‘hook’ – You know this one right? “If I told you that you could make an extra $1,000 per month working only 20 extra minutes per day, would you wanna know how?”

Now, those are a few great hooks to start with…

But, the #1 BEST hook is a story. If you can find an interesting story to tell that relates to what you’re talking about (especially if it’s got a little “historic romance” to it), then you can activate the “story-teller” gene in your viewer.

#2 Identify Problem (And Promise to Solve it)

Now that you’ve got their attention, it’s time to get down to business.

In many cases, if you’ve done a good job with your HOOK, the transition into identifying the problem is seamless.

An example of this would be a sort of “Hero’s Journey” type story, where the struggle is already embedded into the story you’re telling. Of course, you must PROMISE to solve it.

#3 – Establishing Video Scarcity

If you’re not doing a product launch, it’s likely that there won’t be any REAL scarcity.

I’ve never felt good about lying… about anything… so I don’t make it seem like this video is going away the moment you leave this page. (some folks actually do this, and I think it hurts your reputation more than helps create sales)

What I do say is this…

“Now, I’m constantly changing & updating these sorts of videos, and the content is NEVER the same. So, I can’t promise you that if you leave today that this video will be here tomorrow. If you stick with me until the end though, I promise I will show you step-by-step how to {solve your problem}.”

See, all of that is TRUE.

I am constantly changing sales videos around and the content is never the same when I do. Now, I might leave this particular video up for months… even years… but eventually it will get changed and removed.

#4 – Aggravate the Problem

Here’s where I add my own twist to things… This is the part where you’re supposed to “TWIST the KNIFE” so-to-speak, and share more about what the problem is, why it exists… yada yada.

I do this too, but here’s my little twist…

What I’ll do is address the problem, and then I’ll take a “sub-problem” (basically a piece of the bigger problem) and start talking about that and educating my viewers, solving that little problem.

By the time I’ve solved that problem, they’re satisfied that I helped solve a little problem for them, but it’s VERY clear that it’s only part of the bigger problem and of course, they know they gotta keep going to solve the rest of the puzzle.

This creates some goodwill too, because I’ve solved a REAL problem and it makes it more clear that I’m the one to show them how to solve the rest of it.

#5 – Provide the Solution

Now, once you’ve dug the “knife in” a little deeper and shared more about why the problem is happening, what it really it, and how it’s hurting their business…

Plus, if you’d like to include my “twist” (you might have solved a minor problem directly associated with the BIG problem) then it’s time to SHARE your offer.

This is the part where you show your product or course that you’re selling. (hence, solving the problem)

A cool looking e-cover graphic or physical photo of your product is perfect for this slide.

#6 – Features and Benefits

Now, you’re going to go through each module of your course or each feature and benefit of your product that you believe will be MOST attractive to your target audience (NOT you most of the time)

It’s very important to not bore your viewer in this part.

If you’re talking about the “algebraic formula that creates the algorithm for your software to work” you’re probably off-track.

Keep it interesting and place yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. What do they REALLY want?

Most (non-deranged) people don’t actually want lots of money… they want all the things that come along with lots of money.

If having lots of strawberries could get you a big house, a fancy car, fame, power, prestige… Then we’d all be growing as many strawberries as humanly possible.

How to Transform a Dull Feature into a Spicy Benefit

The simplest way to turn a feature into a benefit is to use one of these two transition words… “so” or “because.” It look like this…

Ex. You’ll learn how to write better ad copy so your ads convert more “clicks” into prospects (increasing your conversion rate)

Ex. We’ll also show you how to record little 3-min video ads because in our split tests, video ads converted 300% better than regular ads.

#7 – Call to Action (CTA) #1

Now, that they know what you’re giving them to solve their problem, it’s time to ASK for them to take action. Per Digital Marketer’s instructions, this first CTA should be “desire-based.”

An example of what that looks like is this…

Now, you know that by getting my “Super-Duper Awesome Course” you’ll be able to make more money, look cooler, get fit, and be more popular… So, click the button down below and let’s get started right now.”

You get the gist, right?

It should also be noted that ORANGE buttons tend to be the highest converting on sales pages. That’s why you typically always see orange or yellow buttons.

#8 – Present Your Credentials

Now, we’re getting into “logic-building” proof. This is where you’ll want to share any casestudies, testimonials, screenshots, and any other PROOF elements.

It’s also a good place to share a bit about your successes, who you work with, some of the products you’ve released successful, clients you’ve consulted… and on and on.

#9 – Give a Guarantee

Take on ALL of the risk.

Give a 30-day… 60-day… even 90-day guarantee to show your customers that you’re willing to take on the RISK so that they can get inside your course without feeling like they can’t get a refund if they don’t like it.

If you’ve got good stuff, you’ll RARELY get refunds, so it’s better to tell folks that you do offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they don’t like the course or find it valuable.

#10 – Call to Action #2

And now… According to Digital Marketer, this second CTA is “logic-based.” Meaning, we’ll say something like:

You’ve see the results, you’ve seen what this can do for many of my other clients and students. It’s undeniable that this just flat-out works! Now, come join us inside. Click the button below, and let’s get started right now.

#11 – Give Warnings (Deadline, Scarcity, Guilt)

If you have a REAL deadline, good for you. Those are always the BEST and typically the most genuine.

If you don’t, like most of us, that’s okay.

The second best “deadline” is the imagined one. It goes something like this…

Now, imagine where you’ll be in 90 days… will you look back and say, “That was the BEST decision I’ve ever made,” or will you look back on this moment and wish you had gotten started right now? Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and the longer you way to create more freedom in your business and in your life, the longer you’ll live without it.

Feel free to “twist the knife” a little bit.

Here’s the deal… If you TRULY believe 100% that what you’re offering can help alleviate your customers problem(s), then it’s your DUTY to do everything you can to get them to act right NOW.

#12 – Call to Action #3

…And this final CTA is the “fear-based” call to action (based on Digital Marketer’s instructions).

Because of our last point (number 11), we’ve already established that time is of the essence. Our potential customer MUST act now.

So, in this final CTA, the path is clear. “Act now. Click the button below and let’s get started… Or don’t and continue getting the same results you’ve been getting.”

And there ya have it!

That is the 12-step Video Sales Letter Script.

If you’d like a REAL LIFE example of this entire script in action (including my little “twist”) then you can watch this one right here.

An incredible sequence that has worked for years and years. The content always changes, but the formula remains intact.

If you’ve selling ANYTHING… Your own product, an affiliate product, a network marketing opportunity, you’ll benefit immensely by studying and putting into practice this great VSL formula.

Got Question? Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments area below! I’m here to answer all of them for you!

perfect-webinar-scriptAnd if you’re into making more sales leveraging PROVEN formulas, then you’ll LOVE this one too. It’s called the “Perfect Webinar Script.” And it is exactly that.

In fact, I’ve actually used this very script to write over $1,000,000 in revenue-generating sales presentations. I think you’ll dig it as much as I do! Check it out right here.

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