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11 Outstanding Ways To Leverage Your Fan Page To Get More Likes, Leads, & Customers

So you wanna build a fan page… You’ve got a plan… You’re using the “Fan Page Hyper-Growth Method“…

And you’re ready to rock ‘n roll.

But, a few days into it… You might find out for yourself that running a “like” campaign and making cute kitten posts ain’t gonna be enough to build a “real” business outta this.

So, let’s slip our gloves on, and dig in a little deeper.

Grow Your Fan PageIn this post you’ll find “11 Outstanding Ways to Use Your Fan Page” and get more likes, leads and customers…

But, more than that, you’ll also learn how to analyze your fan page and extract useful data that can help you create the perfect posts, videos, and messages to cater to your audience. (not as complicated as you might first think)

You’ll also learn a couple little-known Facebook “hacks” that’ll LEAP you ahead of the crowd.

Even some of the so-called “Facebook experts” don’t know about these, and I’ve even caught a few of them NOT using these. (you’ll see as we dig in how these simple tricks can add to your strategy in BIG ways)

First, let’s dig deeper into the “6-post strategy” that we’re using with the Fan Page Hyper-Growth Method.

How To Find Photos To Use For Your Photo-Quote Posts

The video that I’m referencing in the beginning of this one is the “Photo Quote Post” video in the Fan Page Hyper-Growth Method [Get The Guide]. For these first two videos, it’s recommended that you read through (and watch) that post (and it’s video trainings).

In this next video we’ll find a couple of places to find great quotes, stats, and metrics that you can post as Text posts (or photo-text posts).

Where To Find Inspiration For Text Posts

For the most part, quotes are quotes, and you typically only give attribution to the person who actually said it (not the site who copied it and put it in a list). However, if you ever do find a specific piece of information, or idea that you know isn’t widely known and appears to come directly from a specific site, or person…

It’s cool to give attribution to them.

Heck, you can even quote people from their blog posts if it will add value to your message, post, or video. (just remember to link back to their blog or website)

So, now that you know where to find photos and text-post-content for your primary posts, it’s time to get into some of the “tricks” and little-known secrets of Facebook fan pages.

First “trick” is the scheduling feature for fan page posts.

I use this ALL the time to schedule photo posts and text posts for the entire week. (after all, they’re not current events, so you can do this without any backlash for “not being current.”)

How To Schedule Your Facebook Posts

There are apps available that you can use to schedule your posts… But, I’ve found that Facebook’s scheduler tool is more reliable and since it’s not working with a third-party system, it doesn’t show the “Posted from ____” link at the top of the post.

Enough about posts for now, though…

Let’s get into setting up your Call-To-Action Button so you can get MORE leads from your growing fan page.

How To Setup Your Fan Page Call-To-Action Button

We recommend using LeadPages or OptimizePress 2.0 for building your capture page. (we use Leadpages)

This gives you more flexibility and consistency with your overall theme. These two tools are also the most reliable ones available on the internet today. (the “knock-offs” don’t work quite as well)

In the next video, we’re going to shift gears and get into liking other fan pages using your fan page. This allows you to tag other fan pages in your posts, which should ONLY be done if the other fan page owner is okay with it, and the post is relevant to them (i.e. a photo of you and them at an event).

How To Like Fan Pages As Your Fan Page

So, now that you know how to “like fan pages” as your own fan page let’s build your fan page tab, which will allow you to embed a capture page right on your fan page. (again… Leadpages is an excellent resource that does this very effectively)

Let’s check it out.

How To Build A Capture Page On Your Fan Page Tab

Another great tool for building fan page tabs, that also opens up a whole suite of options like survey pages and even video contests, is WooBox. There’s a small monthly of $29 bucks for one fan page.

This might be an option to consider once you’ve grown your page by a few hundred fans.

Next up, we’re gonna dig into some “page insights” (specifically with video) and talk about what makes a great Fan Page video.

How To Use Page Insights To Analyze Your Posts & Videos

Just about every week, you should be looking at your Page Insights to collect data and evolve your fan page strategy to meet your viewers habits and patterns. They’ll show you, even if they don’t know they are.

Page Insights can be used for many purposes, not just video insights. Look at your insights to find out when the PEAK times for posting on your fan page are. This will ensure that you get the most “reach” and engagement from your posts.

Now, it’s time to take this “off” Facebook. (kinda)

In the next 4 videos you’ll learn how to embed your Facebook videos and posts on your blog, and also how to use a very cool (little-known) tool called the “Facebook debugger.” Let’s start with…

How To Embed Your Facebook Fan Page On Your Blog Sidebar (Widgets)

If you don’t want to depend on a plugin to embed your Facebook Sidebar Widget, then you can use this method to embed your fan page use Facebook’s direct code, which looks to be more reliable.

Now, I’ll be the first to “hate on” Facebook’s video embed player… But, it does look awesome, and hopefully they’ll be fixing it up to work better on mobile devices and your sites & blogs.

For now, here’s how to embed a Facebook Video (JUST the video) on your blog…

How To Embed A Facebook Video

Did you catch that in the beginning? ;) Forget to cut it out in post edit. (happens to everyone!)

But, as far as Facebook Video embedding goes, it’s slightly disappointing that such a large, money-hungry company can’t even get their video embed code right. (whoops! did I just say that out loud…)

Let’s not stop there, though, let’s embed some Facebook Posts. (these actually work and look cool on blog posts)

How To Embed A Facebook Post

This is a great little addition to any blog post where you’re referencing a post you recently made on Facebook. Instead of linking to the post… Why not share it right in your blog?!

Now, for the GRAND FINALE…

My favorite Facebook tool of all time… The “Facebook Debugger.”

Usually only developers know about this tool and use it to “debug” their apps and websites.

But, you TOO can (and should) make use of this great tool to ensure that your blog posts show up with your ‘featured image’ when someone shares the post on Facebook. Check it out…

How To Use The Facebook Debugger Tool

And there you have it! The best Facebook tool for ensuring your posts looks awesome when you and others share them on Facebook. Favorite this page or bookmark it for future use: The Facebook Debugger Tool

Now, that you’ve got a better feel for how to optimize your fan page and start getting more likes, leads, and customers, we’d love to hear from you!

[Question] What’s ONE of the BIGGEST take-aways that you got from this micro-guide? Leave It In The Comments Below.

Got questions still? We’re here to help you grow your business. Let us know in the comments below and we might even feature you in our next blog post or Training Camp Videos.

See ya next time and remember to “Like” and “Share” this post with your marketing buddies. They’ll LOVE you for it.

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